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New Insights
517 Carlisle Ave
Lemoyne, PA, 17404

Located in central Pennsylvania, New insights Treatment Center offers substance abuse treatment program since 1986. New Insights is comprised of two facilities – in York and Lemoyne, offering both inpatient and outpatient services. The comprehensive nature of this treatment center’s program covers a wide range of treatment needs and offers quality services for those who suffer from alcoholism and chemical dependency. New Insights is licensed by the Pennsylvania Drug and Alcohol Programs.

New Insights: Treatments, Programs and Staff

Upon admission, every client is evaluated by a certified counselor who gathers information and determines the nature and the extent of the problem. Subsequently, a recommendation for the most appropriate level of treatment is made.

Depending on the location, the following programs are available at New Insights:

  • Traditional Outpatient (OP)
  • Intensive Outpatient (IOP)
  • Partial Hospitalization (PHP) – Lemoyne only
  • Family Program – Lemoyne only
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Woman’s Recovery Group
  • State mandated Alcohol highway Safety School
  • CRN Evaluations – York only

Detox services or dual-diagnosis services are not available, but referrals can be provided. Clients participate in a 12-step based program which includes weekly AA/NA recovery meetings, off-site. Individual, group and family counselings are also available.

The IOP is offered in both Lemoyne and York, with the duration of six weeks. Upon completing IOP, many clients make a transition to regular outpatient program and participate in it from three to six months. During this period clients attend group therapies.

Women’s recovery group is primarily a 12-step based program, but women also have the opportunity to learn about self-care practices, clear communication strategies and how to set priorities and boundaries in life. This program implements and maintains involvement in AA and NA.

OP services and PHP for adult males are conducted in a home-like setting. This program is also known as “Work While in Rehab” program. Being intended for those who want to work while on rehab, this program lasts between 30 to 45 days, four hours a day, five evenings a week. It is also meant for clients who make a step forward and slowly return to their home and work after inpatient program.

Relapse Prevention is suited for those who are freshly sober or those who struggle with chronic relapse. The entire program is based on 12-step model and helps clients recognize and handle substance abuse or relapse triggers.

The founder and Executive Director of New Insights, John Maxton, is a professional in the drug abuse treatment area. With over 25 years of experience, he was first to bring IOP treatment to Pennsylvania. Under his supervision, New Insights staff made of experts in the field of psychology and substance abuse treatment, work as a team and provide best quality care.

New Insights: Facilities and Extras

New Insights is located in two facilities (recovery houses) – one in York, and the other in Lemoyne. These facilities offer alternative therapies to clients – yoga, journaling, nutritional education and stress management education courses.

This treatment center acknowledges the fact that family support is crucial in treating addiction, and organizes Family Program as an unofficial part of the Rehab While at Work program. Sundays are reserved for family time, when clients participate in group sessions with their loved ones. The staff involved in these sessions promote positive attitude and communication among family members. Education on addiction and its effect on the entire family is also a significant part of the family program.

Education for clients with DUIs/DWIs is offered through short-term programs. Professional clinical counselors guide the clients through the evaluation process and submit the results to the court.

Rules and Regulations at New Insights

The only strict requirement for the clients before moving in, are complete drug and alcohol abstinence and at least 30 days sober period.

The initial evaluation at New Insights costs $120 and $110 per counseling session. The programs are covered by most major insurance providers, HMOs and PPOs. Fees are discussed in advance and depend on the exact treatment. Insurance can be verified prior to admission.

New Insights offers a brochure with extra information and details for future clients or those who suspect their loved one has an addiction.


Although the staff at New Insights is not great in number, there isn’t a lack of willingness and professionalism. Both facilities offer different type of programs, depending on the client’s individual needs. Those who cannot complete an inpatient program may choose PHP, which allows them to fulfill their work and home responsibilities. With a tradition of nearly 30 years, New Insights provides some of the best 12-step based recovery programs.

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