Newfound Freedom, Levittown, Pennsylvania

rural York County, Pennsylvania
272 Birch Dr
Levittown, PA, 19054

Newfound Freedom Overview

Newfound Freedom is a company that owns a network of sober living houses in the Pennsylvania area. The company focuses on providing patients who have already undergone treatment for their addictions a chance to continue recovery in an environment that will expose them to a sober-promoting lifestyle. All patients are required to undergo frequent and random drug tests to ensure they are not suffering from a relapse.
In addition to the house managers in charge at each of the buildings that are owned by Newfound Freedom, patients will also be able to undergo therapeutic services through the licensed counselors who are employed by the company. Patients are required to pay a weekly rental fee if they wish to reside in any of the buildings that Newfound Freedom owns, and there is an initial intake fee that patients are also required to pay.

Newfound Freedom Housing

Newfound Freedom specializes in providing patients access to affordable homes where they can reside after they have gone through an initial rehabilitation program. Thus, all patients who utilize the services that are offered at this company will make full use of the housing benefits provided. The company has a total of 15 houses throughout the Pennsylvania state at the moment, and they are busy with plans to expand and acquire more houses, to accommodate a larger number of patients at a time. Patients are most likely to share a room with another patient who is utilizing the sober living services offered at Newfound Freedom. Private rooms are available in some cases but do demand an additional weekly fee, which is added to the patient’s weekly rental bill.

Newfound Freedom Treatment Options

Newfound Freedom is not a treatment center and does not provide any specific rehabilitation services to patients who come to them. Instead, patients who come to the Newfound Freedom project will be given access to high-quality sober living housing where they can continue to recover from their addictions. No detox services are provided to patients, and the patient needs to come from an inpatient treatment program directly to Newfound Freedom to qualify for their sober living program.
Once enrolled, patients will be given access to some assistance in terms of their recovery. The sober living project generally has two phases that patients will go through:
Phase one consists of a more restricted living environment where the patient needs to check in at certain times of the day. Patients are also only allowed to leave the property when they need to go for therapy or when they need to go to their job. Patients are also able to leave the property if they are going to search for a job.
Phase two offers the patient more freedom, but patients do need a job before they can transit to this phase.

Newfound Freedom Therapies Provided

Even though no specific treatments are offered to patients at Newfound Freedom, the company does have a strong emphasis on the twelve-step recovery process and demands that patients attend meetings from time-to-time. Licensed counselors are also available at Newfound Foundation to assist patients during their recovery.

Newfound Freedom Payment Options

No details are provided in terms of insurance being used for accessing the sober living programs at Newfound Freedom. Patients are all responsible for paying an intake fee, as well as a weekly rental fee while they are staying at any of the houses owned by the company.

Newfound Freedom Accreditations

Newfound Freedom does not offer any details about accreditations that the company holds. We were also unable to determine if the company has been licensed with any of the local departments in Pennsylvania. Patients who would like to know about possible accreditations more or licenses that are held by Newfound Freedom will have to contact the company directly.

Newfound Freedom Amenities

The amenities that are available at the houses owned and operated by Newfound Freedom defers from one location to another. It would be best for the patient to visit the particular house where they might be provided accommodation if they would like to utilize the services offered at Newfound Freedom. Many of the company’s houses do offer patients access to a backyard area where they can have barbecues.
Additionally, most of the houses offer patients access to musical instruments, and there are weights in the male houses to give male patients an opportunity to participate in strength training programs. Each patient is responsible for their own fitness program and activities, however, as no instructors are provided.

Newfound Freedom Staff

While the official website that represents the Newfound Freedom sober living housing project does provide an extensive amount of information regarding the services that patients are offered when they make use of these sober living projects, the company’s website does not offer any details about the employees who are active at their houses. For many patients, this may be somewhat of an inconvenience, especially since Newfound Freedom does offer patients access to licensed counselors during their stay at any of the facilities the company owns.
Patients who would like to know about the counselors, as well as the house managers at the particular house that might be closest to them, should contact the staff at the main office of Newfound Freedom directly. More information can be requested in order to help the patient understand if the counselors have prior experience in dealing with people who are recovering from addictions.

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