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Teen Challenge Overview

The Teen Challenge is a non-profit, Christian rehabilitation center that helps patients struggling with substance abuse and chemical dependency. Alcohol abuse cases are to be accepted as well. The Teen Challenge was first founded in 1958, and since then the facility has expanded its services as well as the number of satisfied patients who have successfully, with the help of the staff at the Teen Challenge, returned to their normal lives. The facility can accommodate around 40 patients at a time.
The patients are separated according to gender, age, medical history and severity of the issue that has led them to ask for help in the first place. The women are required to take part in a 6-month induction phase and a 6-month treatment phase, whereas the men are required to take part in a 4-month induction phase and a 10-month treatment phase. While the treatment phase includes the usual 12-step recovery process with the individual and group therapy sessions on a weekly basis, the induction phase includes life, work, and social skills training, faith training, etc. All patients are required to complete their detoxification, available on-site, upon their arrival. No medication management is available at the facility since no medications are to be used as a part of the treatment programs.

Programs available at Teen Challenge

The only residential treatment program is available at the Teen Challenge, which as we mentioned earlier, lasts either 12 or 14 months depending on the gender of the patient, but also, his/her medical condition, the severity of the issue, etc. Aftercare is also available to the patients. The aftercare program is offered to anyone who has successfully finished their treatment program. It lasts around four months and offers the patients a place to stay with three meals a day provided. Although there is a certain fee that is required to be paid for the aftercare program, the patients can pay off the fee by volunteering at the facility, helping the ones that most need it. Family therapy sessions are a vital part of the treatment of each patient.
Through the family therapy sessions, the family members of the patient can discuss with the assigned counselor’s everything that they would like to know on the topic of addiction and ways that they can help the patient. Recovery and relapse prevention is all about having a strong support system build of loving and supporting family members and friends.

Teen Challenge Housing

As we mentioned earlier, the Teen Challenge can accommodate 40 patients at a time. The patients are divided according to gender into two separate houses. The patients are required to share bedrooms and bathrooms with each other. In each bedroom, there are three or four beds, wardrobes, bedside tables and desks with chairs. Three or four patients can share a room at a time.
There is a cafeteria where three meals a day are prepared on-site. The meals are usually prepared by the patients themselves. Each patient is assigned chores that he/she is required to complete on a daily and weekly level as a part of the treatment itself. Any dietary requirements are usually respected. No TV, Internet, mobile phones, nicotine, outside food, etc. are allowed at the facility.

Teen Challenge Treatment Options

At the Teen Challenge, you will find the following treatment options:
Residential treatment program – residential treatment program requires patients to live on the grounds of the facility. The patient is sleeping, eating, and participating in the assigned therapies as a part of the program. Weekly individual and group therapy sessions take place. Family therapy sessions as well as work, life, and social skills classes, prayers and volunteering are all part of the residential treatment program. The duration of the program is usually around one year to what an aftercare program follows. The aftercare program, through its four months of duration, allows the patients to gain the support – material, and mental, to build a new life for themselves with the help of the staff at the Teen Challenge and their families.

Teen Challenge Therapies Provided

Therapeutic services that the patient is given access to at the Teen Challenge include:

  • Individual therapy sessions
  • Group therapy sessions
  • Relapse prevention therapy
  • Family therapy sessions
  • Detoxification

Teen Challenge Payment Options

Unfortunately, no specific information about the payment options at the Teen Challenge is to be found on their official website. It is unknown whether or not the facility accepts any insurance plans or not, and if yes, which ones exactly. For more information on the topic, please contact the staff via phone provided.

Teen Challenge Licenses

Unfortunately, no specific information about the special accreditations and licenses of the staff and the facility itself is to be found on the official website of the Teen Challenge. For more information on the topic, please contact the official staff via email or phone.

Teen Challenge Amenities

As a part of the program, the patients attend the services at the local church. The Teen Challenge Curriculum provides patients with a unique opportunity to get a proper education and learn all about social, work and general life skills in order to prepare themselves for what is coming after their treatment has been properly completed.

Teen Challenge Staff

The team at the Teen Challenge includes Christian teachers, interns, counselors, case managers, and psychiatrists. Nurses and physicians are not usually a part of the team; however, they are called whenever a patient might require medical care.

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