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Overview of The Renfrew Center Philadelphia

Located in Philadelphia, The Renfrew Center Philadelphia is one of the best chemical dependency and alcohol use treatment facility in that county. The Renfrew Center Philadelphia founded since 1985 is one of the most reputable landmarks in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. The Renfrew Center is a broad nationwide organization with established facilities set up throughout the United States. One of such their facilities is The Renfrew Center Philadelphia, a subsidiary location that provides a residential form of treatments to females struggling with eating disorders and co-occurring disorders. The Renfrew Center Philadelphia also acts as the facility’s flagship location.
This facility offers clients a nurturing and warm environment by emphasizing respect for the unique psychology of women, the advantages of a collaborative therapeutic relationship and the belief that every female needs to cater for her own growth and recovery during treatment actively.
This facility uses evidence-based treatment method when working on its clients and usually treatment comes out to be more successful. The Renfrew Center Philadelphia so far has helped thousands of women since its establishment and till today vows to help thousand more.

Accommodation and Food at The Renfrew Center Philadelphia

The Renfrew Center Philadelphia sits on a 27 acres land bearing a manor-style design with share rooms having the capacity to hold up to 58 residents altogether. Each room features twin beds, shared closet space, and a shared dresser. Directly above the beds, there is a small board in which clients can write down their goals and inspirational quotes to take them through the Program.
The rest of the facility features common rooms with TV and cozy pieces of furniture, a therapy room, a dining area, and a very spacious well-equipped kitchen. At The Renfrew Center Philadelphia, an on-site staff serves clients meals 3 times a day and extra snacks to keep them going during the program. As they grow in the facility, they learn to prepare their own meals and begin to take up chores in the kitchen.

Treatment Options at The Renfrew Center Philadelphia

Due to the fact that The Renfrew Center Philadelphia treatment options focus not on substance abuse but on patients suffering from an eating disorders and co-occurring disorders. Therefore treatments like medically assisted detox, outpatient treatment, sober living homes, intensive outpatient treatment, and 12-Step treatment are not offered by this facility, but any patient in need of such services during the recovery process can easily be referred to a nearby facility offering those services.
The treatment options offered by The Renfrew Center Philadelphia include:

  • Individualized Treatment
  • Inpatient Treatment
  • Aftercare Support

Therapy Choices at The Renfrew Center Philadelphia

The therapy choices which are specifically modified to treat the mental aspect of their patients eating disorder is well designed to ease the disconnection between the patient and the problem. The Renfrew Center Philadelphia developed an experimental therapy which is meant to bond their patients bodily and soul together and create a happier living for an individual.
The therapy choices offered at The Renfrew Center Philadelphia include:

  • Individual Therapy
  • Creative Art Therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Experimental Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Recreational Therapy
  • Trauma Therapy
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Nutritional Therapy
  • Dual Diagnosis

Payment Options and Insurances

The price tag for treatment received from The Renfrew Center Philadelphia is currently unknown although it all depends on your insurance plan. For more information on the payment options, please contact the facility.


The Renfrew Center Philadelphia is not a licensed addiction treatment provider.

The Renfrew Center Philadelphia Advantages

Having its facilities all over the United States of America, The Renfrew Center Philadelphia was founded in 1985 and has been providing patients suffering from eating disorders and co-occurring disorders ever since. The facility at Philadelphia which is our focus here has one of the best residences in the rehabilitation business. This facility is fully equipped with appliances to make the stag of their patients a comfortable and memorable one. This facility offers an expansive kitchen where meals are prepared for the patients 3 times daily. Patients are also required to get involved in the kitchen, learn how to cook and prepare their own meals.
The treatment and therapy options are offered at this facility. Although, due to the fact that The Renfrew Center Philadelphia treatment plan which focuses on eating disorder have been proven severally to be effective in the disconnection of their patients from eating disorder. Not sparing any available manpower, The Renfrew Center Philadelphia offers its patients with a team of qualified ready to help their patients grow out of the problem.

Staff at The Renfrew Center Philadelphia

Treating specifically women suffering from eating disorder, The Renfrew Center Philadelphia spares no change and manpower in giving their patients the required and best treatments services needed.
The staff working at The Renfrew Center Philadelphia which includes a team of RDNs, LCSWs, psychologists, medical Directors, LMFTs, LPCs, and Masters-level clinicians are highly trained, board-certified and licensed professionals in their various field and are always ready to provide the best care to their patients.

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