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Shoreline Behavioral Health Services Overview

Shoreline Behavioral Health Services is a complete drug and alcohol addiction treatment facility that offers both inpatient and outpatient services, depending on the condition presented by the patient. The facility was established to bring affordable substance abuse treatment to the local citizens in the area. Treatment programs that are offered to patients at the facility are evidence-based, which means patients will only receive treatments that are based on prior research and success. The facility can be utilized to assist in the treatment of various drug addictions, and alcoholics are also welcomed to undergo a treatment plan at Shoreline Behavioral Health Services.

Shoreline Behavioral Health Services Housing

The majority of the treatment programs that Shoreline Behavioral Health Services offer patients are outpatient-based services, but the company does have one residential treatment program available for women. The facility where women are housed during their treatment is relatively small, with only four bedrooms in total. There are a total of 10 beds in the house and patients are required to share rooms in order to ensure an adequate amount of patients can be treated simultaneously. Any female patient who comes to Shoreline Behavioral Health Services with the request to undergo treatment first have to go through an assessment to determine if a residential treatment plan or an outpatient program would be most appropriate for them.

Shoreline Behavioral Health Services Treatment Options

Shoreline Behavioral Health Services has established different types of treatment programs that can be tailored to each of the patients who need to be admitted to undergoing treatment at their facility. Male patients will all be introduced to an outpatient program, while some female patients may be placed in a residential unit while they are undergoing recovery treatment.
The specific treatment plans that patients might gain access to when they seek assistance with their addictions from Shoreline Behavioral Health Services include:

  • Alcohol And Drug Safety Action Program
  • DUI Program
  • Women’s Recovery Services
  • Youth Addiction Treatment
  • Youth Prevention Programs
  • Intensive Outpatient Services (for adult patients)

The admission staff members are highly trained to assess each of the patients who need help accurately. They will be able to determine the best approach to take in order to help the patient recover from their addiction. Programs are usually customized to meet the specific needs of each patient, which increases the chance of recovery in the long term.

Shoreline Behavioral Health Services Therapies Provided

The facility has a number of therapists and counselors that are able to provide patients with appropriate therapy sessions. Therapists will be offering patients access to one-on-one therapy sessions, while counselors will often sit in at group meetings where patients can speak up about how their addiction has affected their lives and gain inspiration from other patients in recovery.

Shoreline Behavioral Health Services Payment Options

Shoreline Behavioral Health Services believes that every patient that comes to them deserve the appropriate treatment that will set them on the road to recovery and healing, which is why they will not show a patient away if the patient is not able to afford the full bill before they are admitted to the facility. The company has been approved as an addiction treatment service provider by several federally-funded insurance programs, including Medicaid and Medicare.
Cash and card payments are also accepted at the facility. They have recently also launched a new “online bill payment” feature on their website, where patients can now visit their official website in order to pay their outstanding balances. The company also offers financial assistance to patients who are having difficulty with affording addiction treatment. The repayment options will be adjusted to comply with the income and expenses of the individual patient.

Shoreline Behavioral Health Services Accreditations

Shoreline Behavioral Health Services has obtained the appropriate licenses and accreditations with local authorities to ensure patients can understand the quality of their services and the fact that they are able to offer appropriate treatment services that ensure the patient is able to recover from their addictions. The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control has licensed the facility under the 61-93 regulation. In addition to this license that the facility holds, they have also been awarded an official accreditation from CARF for their inpatient and outpatient treatment services.

Shoreline Behavioral Health Services Amenities

The facility where treatments are administered to patients does not have an excessively large list of amenities that need to be mentioned. When a patient is admitted to the residential treatment unit, they will be provided access to shared bathrooms, as well as private closet space. Patients will also be provided with home-cooked meals on a daily basis. All meals are prepared to be nutritious and to support the patient’s well-being while they are staying at the facility.

Shoreline Behavioral Health Services Staff

While patients often find it important for them to know about the staff members that will be taking care of them while they are undergoing treatment for their substance abuse disorders, Shoreline Behavioral Health Services does not provide an overview of such staff. The non-profit organization does, however, have a list of board members that are active at the facility, but these members do not provide any specific treatment to the patients who are admitted to undergoing a program at Shoreline Behavioral Health Services.

  • Theodore R. Lewis – Chairman
  • Mark A. Singleton – Vice-Chairman
  • Gale Mulcahy – Adam Rabon

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