Faith Home Greenwood, South Carolina

Heart Shaped Island on Lake Greenwood
144 Faith Home Rd
Greenwood, SC, 29649

Faith Home Overview

Faith Home is a recovery center that specializes in providing patients with services that target addiction disorders. This is a Christian owned and operated center, where all of the services provided take a religious approach. Patients are required to only utilize books, CDs, and other items that are related to the Christian religion.

The center is relatively strict, but the staff is highly trained, and they ensure appropriate treatments can be provided to the patient in order to ensure that they can recover without a chance of remission during their stay at the facility while undergoing a residential treatment program. Patients who undergo treatment at Faith Home are required to participate in services such as Bible studies, devotion sessions, and frequently participate in church services.

Faith Home Housing

Faith Home has expanded and now has a total of four facilities that can provide the patient with treatment services to help them recover from an addiction that they are suffering from. These facilities provide gender-specific services, as it does not seem like the company believes in mixing patients of different genders at the same center. Thus, male and female patients are provided with recovery treatments at separate facilities. Each facility has a specific number of beds available to ensure patients can undergo residential treatment at the center.

The company’s main Greenwood house only provide treatment for male patients and can house up to 66 patients at a time. The Cowpens facility can accommodate up to 26 men, while the Abbeville house provides recovery services for up to 23 women at a time. The Noah’s Ark facility and program is another male treatment facility that has adequate space for up to 32 men at any given time.

Treatment Options at Faith Home

After a patient undergoes an admission process, they are placed into one of the facilities owned by Faith Home. The placement will be determined by the patient’s specific condition – including what substance they are addicted to, how long they have been abusing the substance, and how severe their substance abuse disorder is.

The recovery program developed by Faith Home gives the patient access to a wide variety of services for better care and recovery:

  • Christian and Bible studies
  • Daily physical therapy program sessions
  • Access to activities like a choir, foosball, ping-pong, and a weight room
  • Chapel services
  • AA and NA meetings
  • Morning devotion sessions

Faith Home Therapies Provided

Faith Home offers a range of therapies to their clients in order to promote mental healing, including:

  • Individual one-on-one therapy sessions
  • Family therapy sessions

Faith Home Payment Options

One of the most convenient factors about Faith Home is that they do not charge the patient a specific fee for the services that are provided to them. Patients can undergo the admissions process and be admitted to a treatment program without the need to pay any expensive fees in order to recover from their substance abuse disorder.

Even though treatments are provided free-of-charge, it should be noted that the company relies on donations made to them in order to continue providing such services. Patients who are able to contribute some money to the company are welcomes to make a donation to the facility in order to help them continue providing those who are in need, but unable to afford recovery treatment, with the services they need for better chances at recovery.

Faith Home Licenses

Faith Home does not share details of any particular licenses that they hold. We could not find any information to help us determine if the facility has been accredited by an organization such as CARF neither. For many patients, this may be unpleasant, as licenses and accreditations ensure that the patient who may be admitted to a specific treatment center knows that they will be provided with services that were analyzed by a third-party organization to ensure they can recover through specializes services that are effective and provided with care for the patient’s recovery.

Faith Home Amenities

A variety of amenities and activities are provided to patients admitted to a treatment program at a Faith Home center. The center allows patients to participate in a Christian choir, which gives them an opportunity to join the choir and sing at a variety of Christian church services. Each year, a barbecue is held, where the patients are invited to join in, along with their families, in order to wind down, relax, and to have some fun. Other activities and amenities include the 5K Race for Recovery, the Christmas Fundraiser, and the gospel singing groups that occur four times each year.

Faith Home Staff

Unfortunately, Faith Home does not provide transparency in terms of the staff that are involved in administering treatments to the patients who are admitted to the center. This can be an unpleasant fact for many individuals. Even though the services at Faith Home are provided for free, the patients who require such assistance may still feel more comfortable when they know more about the staff members, directors, and other individuals who are active at the center. This would allow the patient to know that the treatment services that they will be undergoing are developed by experienced staff members that have appropriate skills and qualifications that ensure high-quality services can be offered to every patient.

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