Hilton Head, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

Hilton Head
2200 Main Street
Hilton Head Island, SC, 29926

The Hilton Head rehab center sits on the exclusive vacation destination Hilton Head Island, in the Lowcountry region of South Carolina. The island is known for its golf courses, beaches, and storied history.

Sunspire Health converted what was once a luxury hotel into an upscale rehab for the treatment of various addiction and mental health disorders. The property aspires to provide it residents with an environment suitable to overcome their conditions.

Surrounded by Luxury

Placing a rehab center in one of the most beautiful locations the Palmetto state has to offer allows Hilton Head to give its clients, both inpatient and outpatient, the best possible place to undergo treatment. The inpatient residential program offered at Hilton Head treats addiction and dual diagnosis disorders.

Hilton Head can house up to 33 residents in its inpatient residential program. Hilton Head is a co-ed facility, so men and women share all the amenities and spaces available at the center.

All the holdovers from Hilton House’s previous life as a luxury hotel are still standing. Finely crafted water fountains and well-kept gardens overflow within the property.

Private accommodations are available for those who request them or who need them due to their clinical requirements. Daily meals can be eaten in the dining room as well as on the various verandahs that surround the residences.

Downtime can be spent lounging around the outdoor pool or in one of the many Jacuzzis. There are also fitness facilities and excursions to visit local landmarks and beaches.

Starting the Process

Hilton Head has on-site detox facilities for its anyone who requires it. Whether a patient has gone through detox or not, the following step sees a patient diverted to either the inpatient residential program or to the Intensive Outpatient or partial hospitalization program.

A residential stay at Hilton Head can last for anywhere up to 30 to 90-days. Residents start their treatment by first meeting their primary care therapist. Their specially assigned therapist begins to create a treatment plan best suited to their particular needs.

Once the individual counseling sessions have started, residents slowly maneuver through their treatment plan. Treatment options include group therapy sessions, cognitive behavioral therapy, relapse prevention education and motivational interviewing.

Hilton Head also offers its patients the chance to receive treatment for traumatic stress disorders stemming from past traumatic events. The staff at Hilton Head are experienced in treating stress disorders relating to both sexual trauma and trauma experienced by ex-military members.

All of these conditions, both the addiction and traumatic stress disorders, can also be treated by the multitude of alternative therapies that Hilton Head offers to its inpatients. Art therapy, yoga and mindfulness classes help a person express their feelings as well as deal with stress. Massage therapy can also relieve anxiety and tenseness.

Hilton Head also offers adventure-based therapies and animal-assisted therapies. The former is for those interested in restoring their self-esteem and sense of accomplishment, the latter for those more interested in a cultivating their nurturing side.

The End of the Beginning

For those patients emerging from the inpatient program at Hilton Head, the options exist to continue receiving treatments as an outpatient. As an outpatient you can work through the strategies and tools you learned as an inpatient.

Hilton Head staff can also help you formulate a recovery plan to help you maintain sobriety after your treatment has finished. Hilton Head is unique in that it offers a community participation element to its therapy portfolio.

Community involvement events can take place both during your inpatient stay as well as after you have left. These events help residents start exploring life without chemicals as sober living exercises, but also help them deal with the stresses and responsibilities of planning and organizing events for the community at large. As an alumnus, the community events allow you to network and provide mentorship to new residents to help them through the recovery process.

Hilton Head is the best at what it does in South Carolina. It is an upscale rehab that specializes in treating severe addiction and mental health disorders.

Its staff also help people overcome the trauma and stresses that triggered their addiction problems. And it goes out into the community to help patients restore their lives as well as give back something to the locals who make the island so welcoming.

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Sunspire Health Hilton Head
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