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Overview of Good Samaritan Colony

Founded in 1978, Good Samaritan Colony is one of the most reputable health care providers in Charlotte South Carolina. Good Samaritan Colony is located in Rural Ruby, South Carolina, about an hour drive from Charlotte, North Carolina and it is one of the best chemical dependency and alcohol use treatment facility in that vicinity.
Good Samaritan Colony was founded by a group of Baptist Pastors, in which some of them are recovering addicts to alcohol. It is a Non-Profit residential chemical dependency and substance abuse facility with a sole mission of “delivering high quality, evidence-based treatment services to clients suffering from the disease of chemical dependency by providing education and offering a safe, well structured and secure therapeutic environment.
Good Samaritan Colony believes in a philosophy that all men can recover from addiction. The facility also believes that addiction comes in three-fold ways and unless these areas are treated, an addict cannot fully recover from the shackles of addiction. Good Samaritan Colony handles these three areas; physical spiritual and mental. These promote ways to abstain from chemical use and better the recovery process.

Accommodation and Food at Good Samaritan Colony

This facility is established on 65 acres of land and this includes furniture refinishing shop, a mechanics shop and residential housing for its clients. The environment is very serene and the green campus promotes the recovery process. The residential area has 8 double occupancy rooms with shared bathrooms, separate desks, twin-sized beds, and walk-in closets. Other areas include a gym, four rooms with TVs and a dining hall. Residents can watch television from 5 pm to 11 pm every day.
The clients in the residential program often dine on good old southern comfort food. An on-site professional chef prepares meals three times a day for the clients. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are exceptional in this facility. Caffeine and sugar are allowed in the facility. Any dietary request is the client’s responsibility because, hey, the facility is free and funds are limited.

Treatment Options at Good Samaritan Colony

Although resource as the disposal of Good Samaritan Colony is quite limited and the services are free of charge, this facility does not spare any resource on getting the job done and have been of great help to the people of Rural Ruby South Carolina since its inception.
This facility accepts any individual with genuine substance abuse problems but has to be detoxed or free from any chemical for at least 3 days prior to admission and any legal or medical care must also be sorted out. To get more information about the guidelines of Good Samaritan Colony, please kindly contact the facility officials.
The treatment options offered to patients of Good Samaritan Colony include:

  • AA/NA Treatment
  • Individualized Treatment
  • Inpatient Treatment

Therapy Choices at Good Samaritan Colony

The therapy choices offered by Good Samaritan Colony although few, are ideal for the easy flow of the rehabilitation process of their patients. Each patient is supervised through the rehabilitation journey and ensured that the therapy sessions play a vital role in the success of their rehabilitation.
The therapy choices offered to patients of Good Samaritan Colony include:

  • Individual Therapy
  • Group Therapy

Payment Options and Insurances

Good Samaritan Colony does not charge a dime for the rehabilitation treatment services rendered to their patients.


Good Samaritan Colony is not a licensed substance abuse and mental health rehabilitation facility.

Good Samaritan Colony Advantages

Established at Rural Ruby, South Carolina in the year 1978, Good Samaritan Colony was founded by a group of Baptist Pastors who had the aim of rehabilitating alcoholics with the goal of creating an inpatient treatment program where patients would be treated and also be shown a better path through Christianity.
Good Samaritan Colony offers a spacious and amazing nature-like 65-acre property in which the facility and its accommodation are located. The facility is situated in a very quiet environment with is essential for the successful recovery of their patients. This facility not only ensures that their patients are well treated, but they also make sure that each patient learns new vocational skills in the process. Patients could also have the opportunity to garden, work in a workshop and landscape.
The patients are treated with a sophisticated touch and although Good Samaritan Colony charges its patients absolutely nothing for the treatment service, the staffs working at this facility ensures that each patient’s life is turned around for good.

Staff at Good Samaritan Colony

The staffs employed at Good Samaritan Colony which include a team of clinical staffs, social workers, MDs, and administrative staffs are very hardworking and devoted individuals who although are not much compared to most rehabilitation centers have been influential in the rehabilitation of so many individuals struggling with addiction problems in Rural Ruby, South Carolina.
This team of highly trained individuals has licensed experts who have been treating addiction problems for years and know all there is to know about it.
Some of the major staffs employed at Good Samaritan Colony include:

  • Harold Pearson, LCAS – Clinical Staff
  • Robert Smith, CSAC – Clinical Staff
  • Mark Christopher – Clinical Staff
  • Barry Hill, CSAC-I – Clinical Staff
  • Ronald Rainwater – Cafeteria Staff
  • Roger Mitchell, P.A. – Contract Staff
  • Dr. Thomas Lineberger, MD – Contract Staff
  • Nikki Wells – Administrative Assistant

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