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Farming Community by Huron in South Dakota
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Our Home Overview

Since 1972, Our Home has been providing adolescent patients in local areas with highly specialized rehabilitation services to assist in the treatment of numerous mental health concerns that are common amongst teenagers. The company focuses on taking in troubled youth and providing them with access to a range of services, including an environment that promotes sobriety and healing. Parents are able to admit their teenage children to the facility for the treatment of behavioral problems, psychiatric issues, and addictions that the teen has developed. Our Home is able to provide patients with more than just housing and treatment, as they have a range of educational programs, and even health services available to patients.

Our Home Housing

Our Home currently operates multiple facilities where patients can undergo treatment. The company focuses on inpatient treatment programs to ensure the patient is exposed to a healthy environment while they are being treated for their disorders. The specific location where the patient will be housed during their treatment program depends on the initial consultation and the specific conditions that the patient presents. The Huron Campus, where patients are treated for alcohol and drugs addictions, can accommodate up to 20 patients at a time. Further details about the number of beds available at the other facilities operated by Our Home is not provided.

Our Home Treatment Options

The specific treatment options that a patient will be provided with when they are taken to Our Home depends on the individual situation. A patient needs to undergo a thorough examination with a consultant at the main Our Home office to help the facility understand the needs of the specific patient. Once the consultation has been conducted, a counselor will continue to develop a program that is appropriate for a particular patient who requires treatment.
Treatment services that the patient may be provided with when a customized program is developed for them by a counselor at Our Home may include:

  • Residential treatment for drug and alcohol addiction
  • Short-term addiction rehabilitation program
  • Trauma survivor services
  • Programs that address sexually aggressive patients
  • Re-socialization programs
  • Anger management programs

Our Home Therapies Provided

All of the programs that are developed for the patients who are admitted to residential care at Our Home will include therapeutic services to help the patients address the root issues in their life that are contributing to their behavioral problems and substance abuse disorders. Patients will all undergo individual counseling sessions in order to target their problems at the root. Additional specialized group therapy sessions are also provided to patients who come to the center. There are different types of group therapy programs available at Our Home – the specific programs that a patient will be attending depends on their unique situation.

Our Home Payment Options

Parents are responsible for the payment of the services that will be provided to their teens at Our Home. The parents of a patient will first need to verify their insurance benefits should they be covered by an insurance policy. If no coverage is available for the treatment that the patient requires, the teenager’s parents will be responsible for the payment of the bill. The parents are able to discuss financial arrangements with the appropriate staff members who are employed at the Our Home facility that is most appropriate for their child.

Our Home Accreditations

Our Home has been accredited by a national body known as CARF. This body reviews the specific treatment services that are offered by rehabilitation centers that focuses on providing treatment programs for patients with behavioral issues and addiction disorders. Being CARF-accredited means the programs offered at Our Home has been carefully developed to provide patients with the best possible chance at an effective recovery.

Our Home Amenities

A range of amenities is offered to all patients who are treated at a facility operated by Our Home. It should be noted that amenities do tend to defer from one location to another. All patients need to clean around themselves and will be allocated daily chores. Patients are offered three meals each day. On-site staff members have been employed to prepare meals for patients who are undergoing a treatment program at an Our Home facility. In addition to the CARF accreditation held by Our Home, it should be noted that the company is also a member of the South Dakota Association of Residential Youth Care Providers.

Our Home Staff

One particular factor about the Our Home treatment facility is the fact that no information is provided on their website regarding the team of employees who provide treatment services, such as counseling, to the adolescent patients who are admitted for treatment at the company. For both adolescents in need of recovery services and their parents, this may be a very unfortunate fact. A lot of parents feel more comfortable admitting their teenage son or daughter to a rehabilitation facility when they are fully aware of the staff members – including the qualifications held by these members – that are involved in the treatment procedures provided to the patients at the facility.
Any parent who feels that they would first like to know more about the staff who are involved in the treatment of adolescent patients with behavioral and addiction issues at Our Home should contact the facility directly. The administrative staff members on duty should be able to help the parent understand whether the staff holds adequate qualifications and appropriate experience.

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