Discovery Place, Burns, Tennessee

Cades Cove in the Smoky Mountain N.P. Tennessee
1635 Spencer Mill Rd
Burns, TN, 37029

Overview of Discovery Place

Discovery Place is a behavioral healthcare center providing treatment for alcohol and drug addiction. The facility is located some 30 miles away from Nashville, in the rural town of Burns, Tennessee. The premises of the treatment center are situated in 17 acres of lush farmland that exudes a peaceful and quiet atmosphere. The tranquil setting at the facility is perfectly conducive to the healing and recovery process that clients undergo here.
This facility serves a clientele comprising of only men. Their treatment programs and therapies are thus, gender-specific and devised with a specialized focus on treating the specific issues faced by men. The clients vary in age ranging from young adults aged 18 to senior adults of over 70. The average age of the clients though mostly range between 20 and 40.

Accommodation and Food

The facilities at Discovery Place, comprising of official and residential buildings, stand on a 17-acre plot of sprawling farmland. The campus offers a serene and tranquil backdrop for clients to recuperate away from the pressures of real life. The grounds are well-maintained and contain two lakes and several walking trails that provide ample space for relaxing or socializing. The residential quarters offer picturesque views into the campus.
The facility has a capacity of hosting 24 clients at a time in rooms that can accommodate up to 4 clients. Each shared room comes with an attached bathroom. The residential building also contains a living room with large HD TV, a reading room, and a church where morning meditations are carried out. Furthermore, a game room with a billiard table, a ping pong set up, and work out equipment ensures that residents have ample indoor equipment.
The facility also offers two long-term residency buildings that accommodate 6 clients each. These buildings are situated on the same campus and are located a short car ride away. Residents in these buildings are housed 2 to a room. The campus attached to these buildings comprise of a volleyball court, mini golf course, fire pit, etc, for outdoor entertainment. Food is provided in the form of three meals a day which is prepared by a cooking staff on-site.

Treatment Options at Discovery Place

This facility offers two types of treatment programs. One is a short-term residential track lasting 30 days and another is for those who have completed the short-term program and wish or need to carry on with treatment in the longer term 90-day track. The treatment options available at the facility as follows:

Inpatient Services

  • 30 Day Residential Program
  • Long-Term Recovery Program
  • Continuing Care

Outpatient Services

  • Stepped down Outpatient Program

Therapy Choices at Discovery Place

The various therapies offered at the facility are all rooted in 12-step education with mandatory reading sessions of the Big Book carried out twice a week. Furthermore, recreational therapies, though not featured majorly in the programs are still encouraged to ensure that residents are physically fit all the while recovering mentally. Some of the therapy choices available to clients enrolled at Discovery Place are:

  • Individual counseling
  • Group therapy
  • 12-step sessions
  • AA/NA meetings
  • Relapse prevention
  • Meditation
  • Peer counseling
  • Skill development
  • Aftercare

Payment Options and Insurances

Discovery Place charges a comparatively affordable sum of $6,500 for the first thirty days of treatment and $5,500 for the next 90 days if required. The facility is quite flexible about fee payment and accepts payment for their treatment services through self-pay by card payment, bank transfer, etc. They also accept private or state-funded insurances.

Discovery Place Amenities

This facility offers its clients with specialized treatment programs that are geared towards treating the specific problems of substance abuse faced by men of all ages. Their inpatient programs, both the short-term 30-day track and the long-term 90-day track, allow patients to undergo treatment in an intensive setting with round the clock supervision.
On the other hand, the outpatient track is a stepped down program for those who have completed inpatient treatment but wish to continue going to therapy. Furthermore, the team at the facility also realizes the importance of family in facilitating the recovery of the clients. As such, the special Family Program educates and sensitizes family members towards the needs of the substance abuse victims.


The staff at Discovery Place comprises a 20 member team of program directors, several peer counselors, and LPCs. Most of the counselors are former patients who have undergone treatment at the facility or elsewhere and have been sober for a while. Their struggles with sobriety and experience of recovery enable them to better understand the needs of the clients in their care. Some important staff members in their respective roles at the facility are as follows:

Andy James
Executive Director

Andy James is associated with the management team at Discovery Place as its Executive Director. In this position, he is in charge of overseeing the overall performance of the facility and compliance with quality standards.

Lisa Brown
Financial Director

Lisa Brown is the financial director at Discovery Place. She has years of experience in providing financial oversight in behavioral healthcare settings. As the Financial Director, she advises on the cost-effectiveness and economic feasibility of facility operations.

Jim Butler
Admissions and Facility Coordinator

Jim Butler works at the Discovery Place as both the admissions coordinator and the facility coordinator. As an admissions coordinator, he is in charge of overseeing admissions, ascertaining the eligibility of prospective clients for the programs, and assigning program directors to each client.

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