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Buffalo Valley Inc. Overview

It was the year of 1979 when the idea and the roots of the Buffalo Valley Inc. rehabilitation center became a reality. Since then, the personnel of Buffalo Valley Inc. has dedicated itself and made its responsibility to treat those in need when it comes to patients suffering from substance abuse. Treating each patient with an individual approach, as it is required and expected to be, the staff at the Buffalo Valley Inc. rehabilitation center has successfully treated a number of substance abuse cases. Nowadays, Buffalo Valley Inc. has successfully made itself available to more and more patients by opening new rehabilitation centers under its wing all around the country.
What makes Buffalo Valley Inc. different from the other rehabilitation centers around the country, is the fact that only highly-experienced personnel gets to offer their help to the patients that enter the Buffalo Valley Inc. center. That and of course, the friendly atmosphere, as well as the individual approach, is what completes the equation for a long, happy and healthy life once all the symptoms of substance abuse have left the life of the patient.

Housing at Buffalo Valley Inc.

Buffalo Valley Inc. is located in the middle of the green forests of Hohenwald, Tennessee, making this location the perfect one for the patients who suffer from substance abuse to get away from the noise and mess from the city and spend a few weeks hidden away in the green forests of Hohenwald.
The Buffalo Valley Inc., located in Hohenwald, Tennessee, has a separate facility for men and a separate facility for women. Once the patients are admitted, they are placed in rooms with 2-3 beds together where detoxification takes place. Once the detoxification has finished, the patients are later moved to separate apartment houses with only 1-2 roommates. According to the information found online, the men’s facility offers a place to stay for around 100 patients, and the women’s facility can accommodate around 45 residents at one time. Both facilities have fully-equipped kitchens and bathrooms with hard-working staff to answer each patient’s need. And because the staff at the Buffalo Valley Inc. acknowledges and appreciates the role of regular exercise in order to maintain the human body in good health and achieve a quick and successful recovery, they have made sure that a basketball court, volleyball court, and a fully-equipped gym are made available at all times.

Treatment Options at Buffalo Valley Inc.

Treatment options provided by Buffalo Valley Inc. are as follows:

Residential Treatment

Considered as the best approach to substance abuse, the residential treatment, also known as the inpatient treatment, is highly popular around the rehabilitation centers. When it comes to the Buffalo Valley Inc., the patients are in luck because that is one of the different treatment plans that are offered at the Buffalo Valley Inc. For the inpatient treatment, the patient is required to sleep, eat and live in the rooms and halls of the Buffalo Valley Inc. center. During the time that they spend at the Buffalo Valley Inc. with the help of the medical and other personnel, the patients get the help and support that they need in order to recover quickly and return to their normal lives as soon as possible.

Outpatient Treatment

Contrary to the inpatient treatment, the outpatient treatment does not require the patient to spend all of its time within the halls of the rehabilitation center. Outpatient treatment is what offers the patients to stay at home and visit their doctors and the staff at the recovery center whenever they are in need of therapy and counseling. And once again, the patients are in luck because outpatient treatment is yet another treatment plan that the staff at Buffalo Valley Inc. offers!

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Something that not a lot of rehabilitation centers offer, but the Buffalo Valley Inc. does, is the dual diagnosis treatment. A dual diagnosis treatment is required for those patients who are unfortunately suffering from some kind of a mental health problem, but at the same time from substance abuse as well. And while the psychiatric from Buffalo Valley Inc. does not diagnose the primary mental health problem, he/she does help with the medication management that is required as long as the recovery takes place.


Of course, detoxification is the first step in the path towards recovery. The detox plan aims to remove any kinds of toxins from the patient’s body in order to fully cleanse it before the necessary steps of recovery are taken.

Substance Addiction Treatment

Buffalo Valley Inc. focuses on treating patients mainly addicted to:

  • Alcohol
  • Drugs

Other than substance abuse, the personnel at Buffalo Valley Inc. also puts a lot of their attention to relapse prevention, reducing the chances of relapse to happen in the future.

Payment Options at Ocean Breeze Recovery

Unfortunately, no information about the different payment options in Buffalo Valley Inc. could be found on their official website. For more information, please contact the official staff through their website or phone number.


The work of Buffalo Valley Inc. has been approved and recommended by:

  • The Joint Commission
  • The Joint Commission has rewarded Buffalo Valley Inc. with the National Quality Approval.
  • Extras at Buffalo Valley Inc.

Not only does the Buffalo Valley Inc. offer a 24/7 care for its patients, but it also offers an opportunity for the so-called e-therapy for patients who are interested to have their weekly therapies and to counsel online by using their phones and computers from the comfort of their homes. Once the treatment is fully completed, the Buffalo Valley Inc. offers to find new stable homes for the homeless and elderly patients.


Other than the usual nursing staff, the personnel of Buffalo Valley Inc. also includes psychiatrists, psychologists, and counselors, all true to the single mission of getting their patients treated and well taken care of during their stay at the Buffalo Valley Inc.

Why Buffalo Valley Inc.

Buffalo Valley Inc. is the perfect rehabilitation center that offers the very best help that is required from patients suffering from substance abuse. Buffalo Valley Inc. has been and will continue to be the home of a number of patients during their struggle with substance abuse.

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