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Florence Crittenton Agency Overview

Florence Crittenton Agency is a facility where parents can come to get help for their teenagers who have become addicted to certain substances, including drugs, as well as alcohol. The facility is equipped with appropriate facilities and staff members to assist in addressing these addictions, as well as mental health problems that might have developed as co-occurring disorders alongside the substance abuse issues that the teenage patient is suffering from.
All of the therapy options that patients are given access to while they are treated at this agency are evidence-based, and the staff employed at the facility are also trained in Trauma-Informed Care. There is a low staff-to-client ratio in order to provide more specialized and individualized care services to each patient who is struggling to overcome their addiction.

Florence Crittenton Agency Housing

Housing is provided to all of the patients who qualify for a residential treatment program, which will be decided during a consultation that all patients need to undergo when they are first brought to the facility. Patients in residential care will be given access to accommodation on a 26-acre property owned by the Florence Crittenton Agency. The company is able to provide inpatient care services for up to 32 patients at a time.
Patients who reside here are all aged between 13 and 18 years. In addition to the main building, the company has also established a secondary facility in recent times, also fitted on the main property. The second facility can accommodate up to 20 patients at a time. Male and female patients are not housed in the same rooms and are provided access to gender-specific bathroom facilities.

Florence Crittenton Agency Treatment Options

Various treatment options have been developed by the Florence Crittenton Agency to address the specific needs of each individual patient who is admitted to them. This helps to ensure the issues that have caused the teenage patient to turn toward substances like alcohol or drugs can be targeted and to ensure any co-occurring mental disorders can be treated simultaneously while the patient is undergoing treatment for the addictions that they have developed.
Patients admitted to the Florence Crittenton Agency may be provided access to the following addiction recovery services:

  • Inpatient addiction recovery programs
  • Outpatient addiction recovery programs
  • Counseling services
  • Youth Summit of Recovery services

Florence Crittenton Agency Therapies Provided

When a patient is admitted to the Florence Crittenton Agency, they will always be given access to therapy services in order to assist with their recovery from the addictions that they are suffering from. Patients in both residential care and outpatient care will need to undergo individual sessions of counseling with a licensed therapist at the facility. Additional group counseling services are also available, along with adventure-based therapeutic solutions.

Florence Crittenton Agency Payment Options

Parents with an active insurance policy that covers their teenager should get in touch with the Florence Crittenton Agency to determine if their insurance benefits would pay for the treatment of their child. If the insurance plan does not cover these costs, the parents will be held responsible for the payment of all bills made out for the treatment of their teenager. A sliding-scale fee structure is used to ensure the financial situation of each parent is taken into account when the facility determines an appropriate price to charge for the treatment of a specific patient.

Florence Crittenton Agency Accreditations

We found that the official website representing the Florence Crittenton Agency does not have any specific details that are related to credentials that the facility has been awarded in the past. No details are shared in terms of accreditations by bodies such as CARF or the Joint Commission. The company also does not provide any details in terms of being licensed with state-based authorities.

Florence Crittenton Agency Amenities

Patients who reside at the Florence Crittenton Agency’s local residential treatment will be given access to some amenities that will ultimately make their experience more pleasant. Patiens should note that the programs are relatively intense and are focused on helping the patient get better. There is a couple of amenities that are worth noting. Patients are provided access to rope courses, as well as adventure-based counseling services, which will help them recover while they are part of nature.

Florence Crittenton Agency Staff

We understand that a lot of parents find it an inconvenience when they are unable to gather details of staff when they are interested in admitting their teenager to a facility for the treatment of their substance abuse disorders. This is why we always see if a particular facility offers details to help parents understand the expertise of the staff members involved in the various treatment programs that are offered at such a company.
Unfortunately, we found that Florence Crittenton Agency does not offer any details about their staff members who are involved in setting up treatment programs, or those who will be actively dealing with the adolescent patients who are admitted to a treatment program at the facility. Parents who do feel that they would like to know who will be taking care of their teens before an admission occurs should pay a visit to the facility or contact them for further details and to gain some insight into the psychiatrists, nurses, and other staff who are employed at the Florence Crittenton Agency.

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