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Steps House Overview

Steps House is an organization that specializes in the provisioning of sober living environments to patients in need of such services to assist in their recovery. Patients with different types of addictions are welcomed at the networked sober living houses that Steps House operates in order to become part of communities where drugs and alcohol are never tolerated, allowing sobriety to be promoted. The organization was initially founded in the year 1991. During the early stages of the company’s existence, Steps House specialized in providing male patients with access to sober living homes, but they have since launched a number of sober living homes where female patients may also reside while they are recovering from substance abuse disorders.
While no specific residential treatment programs seem to be offered at the facility, there are services available to patients who are staying at the sober living houses that would usually be offered to patients at an inpatient rehabilitation center. These services are provided to patients at local facilities. There are also support groups within each facility, along with a licensed counselor available to provide patients with support whenever they might need it.

Steps House Housing

Steps House owns a total of 38 different sober living homes in the area, where patients are able to reside while they are undergoing treatment for the addictions that they are struggling to overcome. In total, there is a total of 140 beds that patients can utilize in order to help them stay in a sober-promoting environment, which increases the patient’s chances of a successful recovery while they are being treated for their addictions. All houses are equipped with everything the patient may require during their stay in order to ensure they are comfortable and can focus on recovering from their addictions.

Steps House Treatment Options

The sober living houses owned by this organization is divided into multiple programs. When a patient comes to the facility for the first time, they will undergo a consultation with a counselor. During this session, the counselor will determine how severe the patient’s addictions are and what type of treatment the patient requires to recover.
The three specific treatment services that are currently offered at Steps House include:

  • Residential recovery program (Male patients only)
  • Veterans services program
  • Women’s program

Steps House Therapies Provided

Group support and therapy sessions are frequently held at the sober living houses where patients reside. In addition to these group sessions, patients are also provided access to one-on-one therapy with a trained and licensed counselor at a local facility that Steps House utilizes in order to help the patient in recovering from substance dependency issues.

Steps House Payment Options

Details about the possibility of undergoing treatment and staying in one of the sober living houses at Steps House through an insurance policy has not been provided on the company’s website. Patients seem to be responsible for their own rental fees. It also seems like patients need to be employed if they wish to undergo treatment and stay in one of the sober living houses at Steps House.

Steps House Accreditations

There is no information on the official website that represents Steps House in regards to the licenses that the organization has been granted by the local state-based health departments. Furthermore, no information has been shared regarding any type of accreditation that the organization holds. Since the recovery services that are offered by the facility is provided at a local facility, patients may inquire about the credentials of the facility that offers the patient access to recovery services by getting in touch with the Steps House organization’s administrative office.

Steps House Amenities

All of the sober living houses that Steps House owns are fully equipped with the essential furniture that is needed by patients to ensure they can continue living as if they are in their own home. There are living rooms, televisions, fully-equipped kitchens, as well as laundry services available to all patients. Up to five patients may reside in a single home at a time, which means patients who are interested in taking advantage of the programs offered at Steps House should be willing to share an apartment with other patients.

Steps House Staff

Steps House offers a basic overview of staff that makes up the management team at the main office of the facility. The information offered is very limited and primarily includes a photo, name, and a title that the staff member serves. There is no additional information about the treatment team, such as the therapists involved in the local 12-step program that patients are required to undergo while they are staying at any one of the sober living homes that Steps House owns and operates.
For patients who would like to know who will be managing the house that they will be staying in when they opt to live in one of the sober environments that the company offers, and those patients who would like to know more about the therapists that are involved in the therapeutic services offered at a local facility, a call to the company might be the best option. The administrative staff at the head office of Steps House would be able to provide the patient with additional information and answer their questions.

  • Jody McClurg – Director of Residential Recovery Program
  • Eddie Ogle – Counselor Tech
  • Rev. Patrick White – Founder & CEO
  • Grant Henderson – Counselor

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