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Renewal House Overview

Renewal House, located in Nashville, Tennessee, is a treatment center that provides adequate care to women with children suffering from substance abuse and chemical dependency issues. The facility provides a campus of apartments for women seeking active drug and alcohol treatment and their children. Founded in 1966, the facility is doing great work in giving a helping hand to mothers who have been declared unfit to raise their children.
The facility offers two main programs at this time as well as, a sober living option for subsequent treatment. The intensive outpatient program (consists of pregnant and postpartum IOP as well as, women’s licensed treatment IOP) and the family residential program. Clients registered in the residential program are usually administered because of an urgent need else, there is a waiting list. All programs offered at the facility are focused on helping women through addiction or co-occurring disorders as well as, discussions and training on how to raise a family. In addition to the standard 12-step meetings, clients can participate in group and individual therapy as well as other groups such as family therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, relapse prevention, general life and parenting skills, domestic violence education, cooking classes, organization skills, financial advice, and many more.
After initial treatment, clients are given the opportunity to receive a GED prep and even job application tips. Since this program is a long time commitment and a working program, clients are required to work while subsequently undergoing individual and group therapy as well as, commit to 12 to 18 months of residential treatment.
The facility offers a program called “Celebrating Families”, which is a program that allows all families of women in treatment to sit down for a healthy meal together before educational therapy sessions begin. This program is open to all family members of women on campus, and family breaks into groups and discuss different topics and address important issues. After the mini groups are done, all will come together again and discuss what was learned. Children in treatment are also incorporated into treatment and the facility offers an interactive parent-child therapy. Other child services offered include developmental assessments and child’s case management.
Women can only qualify to join the sober living program if such client has been sober six months prior and submits proof of income or job. Women seeking to enter the intensive outpatient program have a better chance at receiving despite the waiting list. After clients have completed the residential program, stay at the sober living apartments is not assured as the waiting list is long. The facility helps clients who have completed treatment find affordable housing after treatment if sober living housing is not available.
The staff team at the facility comprises of licensed marriage and family therapists, psychiatrists, case managers, registered nurses, addiction consultants, administrative staff, and many more. The facility at this time does not offer medically-monitored detox, and women with children in the residential program have access to staff 24/7.

Accommodation and Food

Clients registered in the residential program can benefit from the 17 two-bedroom apartments offered to women and their children (ages 10 and lower). Different from the residential program housing is the 15 sober living apartments available to patients who have completed residential treatment and are seeking a less intensive approach to treatment.
The sober living option is offered as a continuum of care for individuals who choose to continue residing in a safe, structured, drug-free environment. Men in the picture are not allowed to reside in the facility with their families, even though they are married. The apartments come fully furnished with basic items such as cleaning and kitchen supplies, linens, and many more.
Necessary items for taking care of babies are available, and an indoor playroom and common playground for kids are available. Beside meals offered on-site, mothers can cook for their children at home. The staff at the facility makes available a week’s worth of foodstuffs on arrival and after that, clients are required to fend for themselves.

Treatment & Therapy

Renewal House offers foster care services to clients suffering from addiction issues and their children, based on their specific needs. Some of these are:

  • Residential treatment
  • Intensive outpatient program
  • Recovery Housing
  • Recovery Together

Intensive Outpatient Program

The facility offers intensive outpatient treatment to women as a step down to residential treatment or less intensive approach to treatment. It is focused on finding the root causes of a woman’s addiction by using educational sessions and group therapy.
The following are conditions treated at the facility:

  • Substance abuse
  • Co-occurring disorders

Renewal House Therapy Options

Renewal House offers various options of therapy which include:

  • Group therapy
  • Individual therapy and counseling
  • Parenting groups
  • Vocational skills group
  • Family sessions
  • Spirituality groups
  • Assessments and screenings


Renewal House is free of charge and it costs nothing to be admitted into the facility.

Renewal House Advantages

The facility offers affordable and adequate care to women and their children. Providing both residential and sober living accommodations for clients in need of such care. With the multiple programs and services offered, it’s no wonder there’s always a waiting list. Women are able to receive adequate treatment while being able to cater for and raise their children. Clients living in the Nashville area and seeking treatment will find Renewal House to be a good option.


  • Pamela Sessions – Chief Executive Officer
  • Kim Haley – Operations Manager
  • Paula Jennings – Grants Manager
  • Lisbeth Couser – Director of Development and Marketing
  • Julia Howley – Director of Operations

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