The Ranch Tennessee, Nunnelly, Tennessee

Nashville Tennessee USA
6107 Pinewood Rd
Nunnelly, TN, 37137

The Ranch Tennessee Overview

Located on a 2000-acre size property in the Countryside of Nunnelly, Tennessee and not far from Nashville, The Ranch is a unique treatment center that offers treatment for a very wide array of afflictions ranging from substance abuse, co-occurring disorder, and sex addiction to eating disorders and depression. The facility uses a mix of proven and research-based therapy treatment methods to help patients on the path to recovery. The center believes that treatment for any patient should address every single aspect of the patient’s life—mind, body, and spirit—and encourages patients to interact with their natural surroundings (horse ranches, adventure courses, etc.) in order to achieve healing. The Ranch understands that all individuals have different recovery processes and so, clients are offered personalized treatment options that address any underlying issues. These may include 12-step trail, adventure therapy, hypnotherapy, individual, and extensive therapies. The facility also offers an extensive family program therapy for families who have to deal with addiction or mental health issues. The program shows families how to support one another in times of relapse and recovery and how to communicate. Additionally, The Ranch’s location in Mississippi offers a drug rehabilitation program for pregnant women and provides them with the much needed medical care they need for a long-lasting recovery. The treatment facility also has detox, inpatient, and intensive outpatient programs.

Accommodation and Schedules

The facility’s Tennessee location spans 2000 acres and boasts of an extensive piece of property. The campus consists of adventure courses and horse ranches. There are five houses, all large and built in a cabinet-style. Residents are separated by gender for living arrangements. The houses are able to accommodate up to 15 people separated according to gender, and each house tackles a distinct recovery issue. The houses have kitchens and dining areas which allow for communal eating and cooking of meals. This communal style of living is aimed at helping residents build communication and interpersonal skills on their way to recovery. Electronic devices can be used during leisure hours at the facility and residents are to follow a strict itinerary. A typical day at the facility usually begins at 6:30 am with the preparation for breakfast. Following that, the fitness and mindfulness practice takes place while late mornings may entail group therapy. Lunch takes place at mid-day and may include guidance from a nutritionist followed by individual therapy and group therapy in the late afternoon. Dinner preparation beings at 5:00 pm in the evening and a communal dinner start around 5:45 pm. The day closes with some mediation and reflection by 9:30 pm.

Treatment and Therapy

The facility offers a myriad of treatment options. Some of these include:


The facility offers an on-site detox program which is designed to assist individuals with withdrawal symptoms.

Inpatient Treatment Program

This part of the program is usually considered after full detox. It is distraction free and offers patients with emotional and therapeutic support needed to achieve healing. The program usually averages a period of 4 weeks.

Outpatient Treatment Program

The outpatient program offered by the facility is designed to help individuals with a smooth transition back into society.
The following are a list of problems treated at the facility:

  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Addiction (Sex, Substance, etc.)
  • Eating Disorder
  • Personality Disorder
  • Intimacy Disorder
  • Co-occurring Disorder

Therapy Options

The center offers various options of therapy which include:

  • Individual Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Support Group
  • Expressive Therapy
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Equine-Assisted Therapy


The Recovery Ranch cost about $19,000 to $26,000 for a 30-day treatment. The rehab takes most PPO (Preferred Provider Option or Participating Provider Organization) insurance plans, and this plan depending on the type it is can cover a large portion of the treatment cost. The cost of treatment at the facility varies greatly depending on the level of care given to the client and the kind of treatment as well. The Ranch is in network with many insurance providers such as:

  • American Behavioral Health
  • Indian Health Services
  • Employers Health Network
  • Aetna
  • Humana
  • NovaNet
  • United Healthcare
  • Imagine Health
  • Tricare-East
  • Cigna
  • Beacon Health/Value Options

Clients are advised to call the recovery specialists at the ranch to find out if the insurance covers substance abuse and mental health treatment costs. The specialists at the ranch will call the insurance company of the client for free to determine the eligibility of the client.


The organization is approved and accredited by:

  • (NAATP) The National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers
  • The Daring Way
  • The Joint Commission

Why The Ranch Tennessee

The Ranch emphasizes more on nature-inspired ventures incorporating the use of cows, horses, and donkeys as fun country-inspired activities to aid the healing process. Patients to be admitted into the ranch are advised not to bring electronic devices such as phones or tablets to help the clients focus on treatment, therapy, and recovery. Patients can call their families and loved ones upon arrival but will not be allowed to contact said families until after seven days of treatment, and at this time are allowed only twenty minutes, three times a week. Family therapy is done over the phone or physically depending on what the therapist advises. Recreational activities include Horseback Riding and Hiking.


Ryan Sachse
Adventure Program Coordinator (Pennsylvania)

Ryan went to the York College where he holds a Bachelor’s degree in Recreation Management and Administration specializing in psychology. He is certified in Archery (Level 2), Range Pass and Safe Sports. His archery program is designed in a way that it helps individuals to discover how to leave issues of the past and develop skills to improve mindfulness. With eight years of experience, he has been able to acquire skills to treat mental health and addiction issues using recreational activities.

Cheryl Brown
National Director Of Marketing (Eating Disorder Services Tennessee)

Cheryl, with over 30 years in the behavioral health and addiction sector has gained different experiences that have fueled her passion for helping patients and their families with issues like sexual addiction, trauma, mood, and eating disorders, substance abuse, and mental health issues. She is certified to work as an Addiction Counselor and she has held multiple leadership positions such as Executive director, Business Manager, Assistant Clinical Director, and many more.

Renisha Fontenot
Activity Services Director (Mississippi)

Renisha holds her Bachelor’s degree from The Southern Mississippi University in Recreation with a specialization in therapeutic recreation. She is from Hattiesburg and is also certified to be a Therapeutic Recreation Specialist. She holds the position of adventure and recreation therapist and she is in charge of therapeutic adventure activities.

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