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Santé Center for Healing Overview

The Santé Center for Healing was founded in 1996 in the middle of the sunny Argyle, Texas. The sunny weather and the beautiful environment around it play a vital part in the treatment of substance abuse, alcohol abuse, sex addictions, and eating disorders – a variety of issues which are successfully treated with the professional help of the staff at the Santé Center for Healing. For that purpose, the Santé Center for Healing offers its patients a choice between residential and outpatient program, with the residential program being favorited as it is believed to have a stronger impact on the treatment of the patients in cases such as these.
The Santé Center for Healing follows the 12-step treatment program, which is to be found in most rehab centers. However, there are other steps that are taken as well to help the whole process of healing. Individual and group therapies, as well as regular family sessions, are a part of the treatment at the Santé Center for Healing. Detoxification is of course, of vital importance. Only patients who have completed their detoxification effectively are allowed to participate in the following steps of the program. There is a great focus on relapse prevention as well. The patients are offered as much as help and support as they need in order to prevent any possible relapse in the future.

Santé Center for Healing Housing

The patients at the Santé Center for Healing who are participating in the residential program are required to spend all of their time during the treatment at the facility. The men and women are separated from each other. At the Santé Center for Healing, there is enough place for 45 patients in total at a time. The patients share rooms together, and they are required to complete a list of daily chores in order to earn the privilege of watching TV and using the computers with internet. This is another way to teach the patients of responsibility and encourage them to participate in group gathering and teamwork.
All of the food is prepared in the cafeteria at the Santé Center for Healing, and each patient receives three full meals a day with snacks in between. Any dietary requirement is normally respected.

Santé Center for Healing Treatment Options

At the Santé Center for Healing you will find the following treatment options:
Inpatient treatment – Inpatient or residential treatment requires the patients to sleep, eat and live on the grounds of the Santé Center for Healing. The patients are required to take part in individual and group therapies and family sessions as well. Neurofeedback is yet another amenity that is found as a part of the usual treatment plan at the Santé Center for Healing. In most cases, the inpatient program lasts for 80 to 90 days, depending on the progress of the treatment and the interest of the patient to participate and work to improve its health.
Outpatient treatment – For patients who wish not to spend all of their time at the Santé Center for Healing, there is an option for participating in the outpatient program. The outpatient program lasts for 24 weeks and requires the patients to spend a certain amount of hours in both individual and group therapy sessions.

Santé Center for Healing Services Therapies Provided

Therapeutic services that the patient is given access to at the Santé Center for Healing include:

  • Individual therapy sessions
  • Group therapy sessions
  • Relapse prevention therapy
  • Family trauma sessions
  • Neurofeedback

Santé Center for Healing Payment Options

The staff at the Santé Center for Healing accepts all types of insurance and offers a wide range of affordable financial arraignments all with one sole purpose – to help the ones that require their help the most. We encourage our readers to contact the official staff at the Santé Center for Healing and find out more about the available payment plans.

Santé Center for Healing Licenses

Since 2015, the Santé Center for Healing has been accredited by CARF. CARF is a non-profit organization that ensures that clients receive only the best care possible in the rehab facilities that they have chosen for themselves.

Santé Center for Healing Amenities

A lecture series on the topic of “shame resilience” is a unique thing to be found only at the Santé Center for Healing. But that is not all – music therapy and equine therapy are also commonly practiced at the Santé Center for Healing as a part of the treatment plans for its patients.

Santé Center for Healing Staff

Melissa Pennington D.O. 
Medical director

Dr. Pennington is a certified adult psychiatrist who specializes in helping patients with eating disorders and substance abuse. She has many years of experience working with difficult cases in the field of substance abuse and eating disorders as well as more than enough awards to show for her high-quality work!

Psychiatric nurse practitioner

Preji Somar is an accredited psychiatric and mental health practitioner by the American Nurses Credential Center. Ms. Somar is also a licensed professional counselor. She has more than ten years of education, experience, and knowledge to support her in her work at the Santé Center for Healing through the path of helping the most troublesome.

Jessica Hutto M.D
Addiction psychiatrist

Dr. Hutto is a board-certified addiction psychiatrist in both psychiatry and addiction psychiatry. She has been nominated by the Gold Humanism Honor Society in 2015 for her had the dedication to her work, compassion, knowledge and the help that she has given to her patients throughout the long years of education and work.

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