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Sundance Behavioral Healthcare System Overview

Based in the city of Arlington, Texas, Sundance Behavioral Healthcare System is a mental health and substance abuse treatment center for men, women, and adolescents looking to overcome substance addiction and abuse problems. Offering a network of facilities around the Texas area, the facility provides outpatient, residential, and inpatient treatment to adults and adolescents seeking treatment. The facility’s inpatient program specializes in offering quality care to adults and teens with mental health and substance abuse issues. The facility operates on strictly individualized programs, which means that treatment plans are created based on the client’s specific need. Evidence-based treatment modalities are implanted into treatment as well as recreational therapy, group and individual therapy, and medication management. After completion of a primary program, clients can step down to less intensive treatment and then aftercare or a discharge plan.
On admission, clients complete an assessment with a qualified counselor who will evaluate and come up with the best treatment plan for the patient. Usually, individuals begin with an inpatient program which offers detox services. The program is given to clients in crisis and needs stabilization due to addiction or mental health issues. The average duration of stay is usually a week, but all programs offered are individualized and if required, clients are asked to remain at the facility. In the end, the main goal of the facility is to help client’s complete initial treatment and step down to a less intensive program, while beginning their journey to long-term sobriety.
All programs are created using evidence-based modalities such as art therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Solution Focused Therapy. Clients are required to participate in several group and individual therapies as well as educative sessions that handle coping skills, communication, self-esteem, anger management, relapse prevention, and more. Duration for individual therapy varies from client to client as no two clients are the same. Other services offered include psychoeducational lectures, process groups, group sessions, recreational activities, and more. The treatment team is complete with qualified physicians, psychiatrists, mental health technicians, LMFTs, Masters-level therapists, and more.

Accommodation & Food

Clients registered into the inpatient program are housed in a private hospital building and can take up to 116 clients at a time. Patients are required to share a room with one another (double occupancy) and the bedrooms are all en-suite. The average duration of a lengthened stay in the inpatient track is 12 days, and in that, clients don’t need to pack a lot with them when coming for treatment. The facility can provide basic necessities such as bed linens and laundry services but this is offered on request. Although the building gives off a hospital-like setting, clients can enjoy privacy, space, and comfort. Adolescents and adults are kept in different units within the same building. A public cafeteria area is available on-site with few choices for clients to pick from and in special cases; food is brought to clients who can’t leave their rooms.

Treatment & Therapy

The treatment facility offers different treatment and therapy services depending on the each client’s unique needs. Some of the treatments offered include:

  • Residential/Inpatient treatment
  • Outpatient Treatment

Residential Treatment

The residential treatment program involves patients remaining in the facility, where treatment progress can be monitored and 24-hour care rendered. The duration of the program varies as it may be long or short term but it emphasizes resilience, self-determination, self-discipline, and resilience. The program focuses providing care post-detox and creating an environment where a stable recovery support network is available. Clients in this program are provided with a number of treatment services including holistic therapies, substance abuse education, small group therapies, and more.

Outpatient Treatment

The outpatient treatment service is offered as well as a less intensive approach to treatment and with more flexibility. Clients in this program can continue treatment while simultaneously attending school, work, and other community activities. The program is dedicated to creating a confidential and safe setting to persons dealing with mental health and addiction issues. Services offered are conducted and facilitated by a staff team of masters-level therapists and LMFTs, which assists in providing an array of treatment options including therapy, assessments, and psychiatric evaluations.
The following are a list of conditions treated at the facility:

  • Substance abuse
  • Co-occurring disorders

Therapy Options at Sundance Behavioral Healthcare System

The facility offers various options of therapy which include:

  • Detoxification
  • Solution-focused therapy
  • Relapse prevention
  • Medication Management
  • Art therapy
  • Individual therapy
  • Recreational therapy
  • Group therapy


Sundance Behavioral Healthcare costs approximately $24,000 for a 30-day treatment at the facility. Although this price is subject to change, as all treatments are individualized anddependent on the client’s unique needs. The facility is in-network with most major insurance companies including Traditional Medicaid for clients under 21 years of age. Some of these in-network providers include Aetna, Beacon Medicaid, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Tricare, Value Options, and many more. The facility is also available to work with out-of-network providers if need be. Clients who need more information on payment, admission, insurance verification, and more are advised to contact the facility.

Sundance Behavioral Healthcare System Advantages

The facility believes in wholesome treatment, providing all kinds of quality care for both mind and body. Clients registered at the facility are allowed to smoke but only in designated areas. The facility allows for four smoke breaks and these breaks are built in the treatment every day. Residents at the facility are allowed visitation hours as the facility understands the importance of family involvement. These visitations occur for one hour thrice weekly.
The rehabilitation center offers well-structured, comprehensive, and well-rounded treatment programs to individuals suffering from addiction and mental health issues. The facility’s main goal in its inpatient program is to help clients be fully equipped and become stabilized enough to step down to a lesser intensive treatment. Treatment is offered in an environment that encourages comfort and safety with quality medical care. Clients seeking a facility that promotes inclusivity while offering quality care will find Sundance Behavioral Healthcare System to be a good option.

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