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Seton Shoal Creek Hospital Overview

Seton Shoal Creek Hospital is a division of the Seton Behavioral Health Care organization that offers specialized treatment programs that are tailored toward patients who require inpatient treatment for substance abuse disorders. The treatment facility has been equipped with appropriate medication, staff members, and other elements to ensure both adolescents and adults in need of addiction treatment protocols can be served in order to assist them in their recovery from alcohol or drug addictions.
The Shoal Creek Hospital branch of Seton Behavioral Health Care primarily focuses on inpatient and detoxification treatment programs. These programs are all tailored toward the specific individual that is being admitted since the facility understands that each person has different needs when it comes to recovering from an addiction, be it an addiction to chemicals, drugs, or alcohol.

Housing at Seton Shoal Creek Hospital

The Seton Shoal Creek Hospital offers an inpatient facility where registered nurses, along with social workers, therapists, counselors, and medical doctors are present. The facility is able to serve patients who require admission to the detoxification program that has been developed by the Seton Behavioral Health Care group, as well as to those patients who have undergone a detoxification period and needs continued support through an inpatient program to help them on the road to recovery and keep them from relapsing.
No specific data is provided by Seton Shoal Creek Hospital in regards to how many beds are available or the particular number of patients that can be served at a single time. Any patient who requires admission to the hospital may inquire about the availability of beds at the time of admission, or book a bed for a future date should no space be available at the time being.

Treatment Options at Seton Shoal Creek Hospital

The Shoal Creek Hospital division offers a great number of treatment options that patients can undergo in order to recover from an addiction that has been taking over their life. The initial phase of admission requires the patient to undergo an examination, which is conducted by a licensed social worker, along with a nurse and an independent psychiatrist. The team will investigate the substance abuse disorder that the patient is suffering from in order to determine the severity of their condition and the level of assistance that would be required to help them recover from the addiction.
An individualized treatment plan would then be compiled for the patient in order to provide them with the best results and a more significant chance of successful recovery.
Once treatment planning has been completed and the patient is admitted to the treatment center, a period of detoxification is usually started in order to get the drugs or alcohol out of the patient’s system and get them started on the road to recovering from their behavior.
After detoxification treatment has been completed, a wide variety of additional treatment solutions may also be provided to the patient, including:

  • A 12-step group therapy program
  • Assistance in improving their coping skills
  • Activities and therapy to help them improve their communication skills
  • Education on chemical dependency
  • Education on general health and wellness topics
  • Aftercare planning to ensure the patient does not relapse once they are discharged
  • Payment options at Seton Shoal Creek Hospital

Payment Options

Seton Shoal Creek Hospital does not provide a comprehensive explanation of how their payment options work. The company does advise patients that they do accept insurance programs, but the specific insurance policies and agencies they accept are not shared on their website. Individuals who are interested in being admitted to a treatment option offered by the facility should get in touch with the company’s financial advisor in order to determine whether or not their current insurance policy would cover the costs of the program they wish to be admitted under.
Seton Behavioral Health Care also offers financial assistance and repayment options to patients who are in need of addiction assistance but do not have access to the funds or an insurance policy to pay upfront for the treatment.


Details in regards to any licenses held by the Seton Behavioral Health Care group or the Shoal Creek Hospital division has not been publicly shared on the company’s official website. Individuals who wish to find out about accreditations held by the company, as well as licenses that they might have received in the past, before signing up for a treatment program should get in touch with the hospital’s staff for more details.

Amenities at Seton Shoal Creek Hospital

The Seton Shoal Creek Hospital branch provides a care facility where the staff is available day-and-night to provide care to patients undergoing detoxification, as well as those who are in the inpatient programs. The facility also offers patients access to group therapy sessions, as well as a variety of amenities where they can relax while they are in recovery from their addiction.


  • Gayle Ayers (DO) – Psychiatry
  • Samuel Collier (MD) – Psychiatry
  • Tawny Smith (Pharm D, BCPP) – Clinical Pharmacist

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