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Shades Of Hope Overview

Shades Of Hope is a complete addiction treatment facility that focuses on helping patients overcome any addiction. Tennie McCarty founded the facility after she went through an eating disorder herself. After Tennie discovered how a generalized approach toward treating addictions could work for an eating disorder, like she had suffered from at the time, she decided to start Shades Of Hope with the goal of helping others with an eating disorder overcome the problem, just like she was able to. During the years, Tennie started to implement strategies to help treat other addiction disorders as well. Today, Shades Of Hope is known to provide top-quality care services to patients regardless of the addiction they may be suffering from.
The facility believes in providing the patient with effective services that starts with thorough detoxification. They utilize a proven 12-step program and believes that healing consists of spiritual growth, improvements in emotional health, and more – not just “quick fix” methods that would bring about acute results.

Shades Of Hope Housing

Patients who are admitted to the inpatient treatment programs that are offered at Shades Of Hope will be provided with full housing benefits during their stay, which gives them access to a shared bedroom, along with additional amenities to make their stay more positive, comfortable, and rewarding in terms of recovering from their addiction. The facility can currently treat 22 patients at a time, with a total of 11 bedrooms. Two patients are placed in each bedroom, but genders are not mixed in a single bedroom. We did note that the majority of patients who undergo treatment here are female, but the facility also welcomes men who would like to benefit from their unique approach toward recovering from an addiction.

Shades Of Hope Treatment Options

Shades Of Hope has developed multiple treatment programs that patients can take advantage of if they are currently experiencing an addiction. Even though the facility tends to focus a lot on eating disorders, patients are presenting other types of addictions, such as drug abuse or alcohol abuse, are also welcomed to undergo treatment at the facility.
There are two different types of residential treatment options that a patient may be admitted to:

  • Six-Day Intensive Recovery Program
  • Intensive Residential Treatment Program

All patients will go through an evidence-based 12-step recovery program, and gain access to a wide range of additional services to help them on their journey to sobriety and recovery.

Shades Of Hope Therapies Provided

The therapists, counselors, and psychiatrists employed at Shades Of Hope are able to provide patients with therapy sessions that will ultimately help them uncover the root causes of their addictions and help them work through particular issues in their lives that may be contributing to their disorder.
Therapy options that may be offered to the patient include:

  • Individual addiction recovery therapy sessions
  • Group sessions with a licensed counselor present

Shades Of Hope Payment Options

Patients have two options in terms of paying for the services rendered to them at Shades Of Hope. If the patient is insured, they can verify their benefits with the facility to determine if their health insurance plan would pay for their treatment. If the patient’s insurance policy will not cover the costs or the patient does not have an insurance policy, they are able to either pay for their treatment upfront or make special financial arrangements with the staff in order to pay for their treatment in monthly installments.

Shades Of Hope Accreditations

The official Shades Of Hope website does not list any type of accreditations that have been awarded to the facility. We were unable to determine if organizations such as CARF and the Joint Commission has reviewed the services provided at the facility and approved the quality of care offered to patients. Any patient who might want to know if the facility is licensed or accredited should get in touch with them, as there are admission staff members who will be able to provide appropriate details and answer any additional questions that the individual might have.

Shades Of Hope Amenities

The facility owned by Shades Of Hope features a modern interior décor and aims to make each patient who is being treated feel “at home.” There are numerous amenities that patients can make use of, including closet space in each bedroom, along with a convenient dining room and a classroom, where the patient gains access to a variety of sessions during their stay at the facility.
Patients will be served a total of three meals on a daily basis. All of these meals are prepared in the healthiest possible way, with no red meat, white flour, or sugar allowed in the meals. During weekends, off-campus trips are provided to patients to give them an opportunity to socialize, have some fun, and experience life without their addictions getting in the way.

Shades Of Hope Staff

Even though Shades Of Hope does provide a comprehensive overview of the treatment programs they have to offer and features a page dedicated to describing how the founder of the facility came to start this addiction treatment center more than two decades ago, the official website that represents Shades Of Hope does not offer a detailed overview of the staff members that patients can expect to meet if they wish to undergo treatment at the facility. For many patients, understanding the skills and appropriateness of the staff members at this type of facility is important before they decide to undergo treatment. We do, however, understand that staff members are qualified in their fields and also hold several years of experience in nursing, psychiatry, and other specialty services that will aid patients in recovery.

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