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Ripple Recovery Ranch Overview

Ripple Recovery Ranch, situated in Bulverde, Texas, is a treatment center that provides residential treatment services to clients using holistic and therapeutic methods in alternative to 12-step treatment modalities. Founded in January 2014, the facility offers 60 to 90-day programs to clients suffering from addiction to substances such as cocaine, prescription drugs, methamphetamine, alcohol, heroin, and many more. Detox services are not offered at the facility even though residential treatment is offered. The facility incorporates evidence-based modalities, as well as implementing holistic treatment to its regime. Clients seeking support for dual diagnosis and family integrated therapy will find support here. Clients seeking detox will be transported to an outside behavioral facility, which is in collaboration with Ripple Recovery Ranch. After three to five days, the intake coordinator visits the clients and makes available transportation to return the client back to the facility.
On admission, the intake coordinator creates an individualized treatment plan after they have completed an initial assessment. The assessment entails psychological testing and psychiatric evaluation to help determine what best suits the client’s needs. Cognitive behavioral therapy and Dialectical behavioral therapy methods are utilized during group and individual therapy. Other treatment modalities utilized include EMDR, psychodrama, and neurofeedback. Clients are required to participate in six to eight group sessions a day. On admission and after clients are settled down, the facility gives beepers to each individual, this helps notify them on therapy times and doctor’s appointment.
Clients are required to wake up at 7:15 am, and complete morning activities and breakfast from that time until after 8, as the group meeting holds at 9:00 am. After that, multiple group sessions holds hour to hour till 10 pm. Patients are required to participate in a minimum of one hour of family therapy, two hours of neurofeedback, one hour of individual therapy, and one hour with a medical doctor per week. Visitations and free times are on Sundays and a massage therapist is available every Tuesday evening.

Accommodation and Food

Located between Austin and San Antonio in the Texas Hill Country stands Ripple Recovery Ranch, this center is situated within twenty acres of land. At this point, the facility only accepts 12 clients at a time and clients are required to share a room. Clients who want a private room can get such at double the price. The facility offers a six bedroom and five bathroom house on the ranch, as well as two common living areas. All rooms come fully equipped with closets and televisions. At this time, use of any electronic gadgets except facility-assigned televisions is prohibited. Beddings and linens are provided by the facility. Clients are required to do their own laundry, although, housekeepers pick up and clean the place daily.
Clients are entitled to three meals daily which are prepared by the kitchen staff (chef) at the facility. Clients with dietary restrictions (vegetarian and gluten-free) are accommodated, as well as clients with certain allergies. The facility implements the use of amino acid and probiotic based nutrition, taking the homeopathic route. The facility allows patients to rain the kitchen at any time of the day as it is always fully stocked. When not supervised by staff, the stove remains disconnected. Clients are monitored 24/7 through security cameras, and coffee and tea are provided to patients at all times.

Treatment & Therapy

Ripple Recovery Ranch offers multiple treatment and counseling services to individuals seeking treatment for addictions. Some of these include:

Residential treatment

Ripple Recovery Ranch offers residential treatment to clients registered at the facility and battling with addiction. Treatment offered is an alternative to 12-step, and holistic and therapeutic modalities are implemented. The facility does not offer detox at this time but is completely focused on self-care.
The following are conditions treated at the facility:

  • Substance abuse
  • Mental Health Disorders

Ripple Recovery Ranch Therapy Options

Ripple Recovery Ranch offers various options of therapy to individuals battling with addiction, which include:

  • Group therapy
  • Yoga
  • Mindfulness Meditation
  • Individual therapy
  • Massage therapy
  • Relapse prevention
  • Family Therapy
  • Life skills education


Ripple Ranch Recovery costs $22,500 for a 30-day residential treatment at the facility. Ripple Ranch is also in-network with insurance providers such as Magellan Health, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Select Health, New Mexico Health Connections, and many more. The facility also accepts most major insurance plans from Cigna, United Healthcare, Aetna, Beacon Health, and many more.


The facility is certified and licensed by the National Association of Addiction Health Providers (NAATP) and the Joint Commission.

Ripple Recovery Ranch Advantages

The facility offers many fun activities to clients registered at the facility such as a swimming pool, meditative koi pond, gym, and even miniature horses. The recovery ranch also offers multiple recreational activities such as a volleyball court and an exercise track. Clients can smoke at this location as it is a designated area for smoking.
In addition to the massages offered, the facility also makes available some extra holistic and recreational activities such as yoga, art therapy, mindfulness meditation, equine therapy, breath workshops, and many more.
After completion of a primary program, the facility offers a 12-month program as a form of aftercare. This program plan is given in fulfillment of the clients’ recovery plan. It comes fully packed with schedules for alumni meetings, tele-support through an online app, on-site meetings, and many more.
In summary, the facility offers a variety of recovery services to clients seeking treatment. Although the facility is relatively new, it proves to be affordable and offers impressive programs in comparison to other high-end rehabs. For clients seeking a facility that provides an alternative to 12-step treatment modalities, Ripple Recovery Ranch is a good choice.


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Chief Executive Officer and Chairman

Robb is passionate about helping individuals find quality treatment with providers and has over 30 years of experience working in successful start-ups. He is committed to delivering quality services to patients and is willing to work closely with clients to maximize positive outcomes.

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Chief Operations Officer

Manny holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas in Bio Immunology and a Master’s degree from George Washington University in Health Administration. He is experienced in different fields such as managerial finance, system implementation, continuous quality improvement, and operations management.

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