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Aliviane Inc. Overview

Aliviane Inc. has grown into a relatively large company that operates a network of facilities that all work together in order to bring high-quality treatment services to patients in the local area that are suffering from substance abuse disorders. The center is also equipped with physicians and other staff members that can aid in the treatment of co-occurring disorders like bipolar disorder, panic disorders, anxiety, and, of course, depression, among patients admitted to an individualized program.
Both residential care services and outpatient treatment options are available to patients who come to Aliviane Inc. for help. Additionally, sober living environments have also been established for women who are mothers – they are allowed to bring their children with them while undergoing treatment.

Aliviane Inc. Housing

Several housing options are presented to patients being treated through a residential program at Aliviane Inc., as the company operates a number of different centers that focus on specialty treatment services. The residence where female patients are treated can offer treatment for up to 40 patients at a time. In addition to providing housing facilities for female patients, children up to 12 years of age are allowed to stay with their mothers at the facility while they are being treated for their addictions. The facility that treats men has a total of 20 beds, with shared bedrooms. Up to three patients may be placed in a single room in the male treatment facility.

Aliviane Inc. Treatment Options

The treatment options at Aliviane Inc. focuses on getting a patient from addict toward sobriety – which is why they offer a large range of treatment options for the patient. These treatment options start with prevention programs that are offered to teenagers who might be at risk of being exposed to drugs and alcohol. Through adequate education, addiction may be prevented successfully, and no further intervention or treatment would be required.
For those already addicted to a substance, such as alcohol, medication, or drugs, a range of treatment options are provided to assist in their recovery. These treatment options are divided into three categories:

  • Intervention
  • Treatment
  • Recovery

Intervention services can help to address the addictions a person is facing – this service is often utilized by parents of teenagers who have addictions, or loved ones of a particular individual who have developed an addiction. The treatment phase targets the specific addictions that the patient may be suffering from and helps them reach sobriety.
Since recovery is a long-term procedure, a separate range of recovery services is offered that provides supportive care services to patients after they have undergone an appropriate addiction treatment program.

Aliviane Inc Therapies Provided

The therapeutic services offered at Aliviane Inc. are important to help patients recover and to ensure lifelong sobriety. Patients will all undergo sessions individually with a licensed therapist, and may also be signed up to sit in at group therapy sessions. The specific therapy options that a patient will gain access to depends on the conditions being treated and their individualized treatment plan.

Aliviane Inc. Payment Options

The fee required to undergo treatment at Aliviane Inc. depends on a few factors, such as the specific type of programs that the patient requires to ensure they can effectively recover from their addictions. Patients can provide their insurance policy details to the facility, as they accept Medicaid, as well as a few private insurance policies. Benefits can be verified at the facility. If the patient is not insured, a sliding-scale fee system is used to determine an appropriate amount that the patient should be charged for treatment.

Aliviane Inc. Accreditations

Details about any type of licenses held by Aliviane Inc. have not been shared on their official website. There is also no information related to accreditations that the company has been awarded by bodies such as CARF and the Joint Commission. Many patients would want to ensure they will be treated at a facility that focuses on quality care – patients should contact the company directly to determine if they have been licensed or awarded an accreditation.

Aliviane Inc. Amenities

The patients comfort during their stay is a priority at Aliviane, particularly when the patient is required to undergo a residential treatment program in order to reach sobriety. All patients will be provided with healthy meals – three meals a day are served. There are specific times at which these meals will be served to patients. Group sporting facilities are also available to provide entertainment and exercise to patients and to ensure they can effectively socialize with each other. These include softball courses, volleyball courts, and a basketball field. Other exercising facilities are also available to patients during the specified time of the day.

Aliviane Inc. Staff

For many patients, knowing details of the staff members that are providing their professional services to patients at a treatment center like Aliviane Inc can help them feel more at ease when they contact the center in order to undergo one of their treatment plans. Unfortunately, however, it does not seem like this company offers any extensive details of the physiatrists or counselors who are responsible for providing their patients with services when they are admitted to a treatment program at the facility.
The facility does share a list of their executive staff members, but these are not the team members that are part of the medical professionals who deliver treatment to patients who are admitted to a program at the center. Patients are advised to contact the center directly if they wish to obtain details of who will be providing them with therapy sessions and other services, including the credentials of these staff members.

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