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From its modest beginnings as a patient-founded drug rehab center in Houston, Texas, in 1967, Cenikor has always put the needs of their clients first. Their mission has always been to provide a path to improving one’s own life through peer support, commitment to change and accredited, evidence-based counseling methods. There is a well-established mentorship tradition in which the more senior patients will help newer residents get accustomed to the residency program. Sometimes Cenikor alumni even return to fill this mentorship role.

The effectiveness of a structured, sober living environment is bolstered by professional therapy sessions guided by licensed behavioral and drug-addiction specialists. The personal development that patients receive emphasizes financial literacy, employment skills and a job-practicum, social skills seminars and aftercare which provides housing and transportation assistance so patients leaving the residency can land on their feet.

Cenikor Foundation Treatment, Programs, and Staff

Cenikor offers a full spectrum of treatment programs for adults and adolescents. As one to top addiction treatment centers, it provides long term or short term  and an initial drug detox rehabilitation, if needed. The detox phase usually last up to 5 days and uses non-narcotic medication provided under a nurse’s supervision to create a pain-free transition to a physically and mentally healthy state. Once a patient is enrolled, they can participate in excellent auxiliary programs that help people land on their feet after taking control of their addition. Some of these opportunities include behavioral counseling, relapse prevention counseling, educational development and employment training. All programs integrate a personalized approach which addresses the individual circumstance of each person’s challenges. The residential treatment programs are offered to youth ages 13- 17, as well.

When patients leave Cenikor, their ties to this institution can continue with the aftercare services. They can maintain their personalized counseling sessions while going to work and being with their family full time. Outpatient services are also available for people who do not have the ability to enroll in the full time residential programs. In order to better serve rural communities lacking such services, Cenikor can deliver their outpatient counseling services to your home!

Cenikor Foundation: Facilities and Extras

The foundation’s presence is widely distributed, with rehab centers in Texas and Louisiana so that if can serve a wide area in those states. The corporate headquarters is located in Houston, Texas at 11111 Katy Freeway, Suite 500. Some of the facilities specialize in one or two of the Cenikor residency programs while others offer the full range of programs. Call the toll free number to find the local rehabs that are conveniently near you!

The in-patient facilities are all outfitted with recreational amenities including indoor an exercise room and a pool and games room. Since personal development is central, there is a library and educational development room for adolescent education and for pre-employment preparation.

Rules and Regulations in Cenikor Foundation

Certain restrictions apply to residents at Cenikor. Mail correspondence is allowed three times per week, but no care packages are permitted. For birthdays, a package may only be a gift-card worth up to $75; and for Christmas, it may be worth up to $150. Patients must be in good standing for 3 months before being allowed telephone and visitor privileges. Random drug screening is done throughout the patient’s stay. One of the core employment readiness programs places residents in a 40 hour per week job with a local business in partnership with Cenikor. Money earned during this time goes towards the cost of treatment at Cenikor, until the resident  has entered the final re-entry phase of their treatment.

Cenikor Foundation Review

This drug rehab guides patients onto the right path by creating a rigid atmosphere for residents because it believes in personal accountability. A structured environment creates an overall positive recovery setting where distractions and relapse triggers are eliminated, while growth opportunities are cultivated for long term positive habit formation life skills development. Cenikor believes that patients who are truly honest with themselves about taking recovery seriously will not find the environment strict, but those who do find it so may need to spend time reflecting on if they are truly ready for the commitment that sobriety requires.


This treatment center accepts most commercial carriers, state insurance and ATR vouchers, but does not accept Medicaid at this time. Call the admissions line between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm to speak with a representative about enrolling.

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