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Rock Springs Health Overview

Rock Springs Health is a hospital that offers a facility where patients can be treated in a calming and safe environment. The rehabilitation center offers a solution to a variety of conditions, including mental health problems and chemical substance abuse issues. Patients can also undergo a dual diagnosis program, where they are treated for both addiction and mental health illnesses at the same time, ensuring they can walk out of the facility recovered and ready to face life.

Housing at Rock Springs Health

The facility has been designed to provide modern décor that primarily focuses on ensuring every patient who is admitted feels comfortable and safe. The facility has different types of rooms that offer both private and semi-private accommodation. Rooms are gender specific – male and female patients are not placed in the same room. Most bedrooms are fitted with two twin beds. There are multiple bathrooms situated throughout the building to ensure easy access to such facilities. Up to 72 patients can be treated at Rock Springs Health facility at a time.

Treatment Options at Rock Springs Health

The facility has a variety of programs that can be utilized by patients in order to recover from different types of conditions. Inpatient and outpatient services are provided, depending on the patient’s specific condition and the severity of their disorder.
Before a patient can be admitted to Rock Springs Health, they first have to go through an admission process. During this process, they will be interviewed by a therapist. A series of questions will be asked so that the therapist can identify the specific problems that the patient is dealing with, how serious of a condition the patient has, and to help the therapist set up a customized treatment solution that will work more appropriately for the specific patient.

Treatments offered at the facility are divided into three different categories:

Mental Health Programs – A variety of mental health conditions can be treated, including depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, psychosis, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Patients with suicidal thoughts are also welcomed to undergo treatment at the facility.
Addiction Recovery Programs – The facility can assist in the treatment and recovery of different chemical addictions, including alcohol addiction, prescription drug addictions, and illicit drug addictions.
Co-Occurring Disorders Programs – Patients with an addiction and a co-occurring disorder can be treated for both conditions simultaneously. Co-occurring disorders that can be treated by the facility include depression, ADHD, borderline personality disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, bipolar disorder, and anxiety.

Payment Options at Rock Springs Health

Rock Springs Health advises patients on their official website that the most of the major medical insurance agencies in the area, including national agencies, cover the costs that are incurred to treat a patient for a mental health condition or substance abuse. It should be noted, however, that patients first need to verify their benefits and determine if they are covered for such services prior to admission.
The company notes that a financial counselor is available to assist a patient in determining if they are covered for treatment. In cases where the patient is not covered, the financial counselor will be able to provide them with alternative options that are available to them. Specific details on the alternative options that are offered by the facility are not provided on their website.
The average price that patients need to pay for the services provided is $30,000 for 30 days in the residential program. This price is not definite and will defer from one patient to another. The facility creates a custom treatment program for every patient that includes the specific services they need to recover.


Rock Springs Health does not provide any extensive details on their licensing and whether they have been licensed by Texas-based authorities. They do, however, advise patients on their website that they have received a National Quality Approval accreditation from The Joint Commission. This means that the nonprofit organization known as The Joint Commission has reviewed the services offered by Rock Springs Health and confirmed that all treatments provided are of high-quality.

Amenities at Rock Springs Health

Patients are provided access to a variety of amenities to help them feel more comfortable and to promote faster and more successful recovery. The lounge area ensures patients can communicate, which promotes social skills. A cafeteria is available where food is served to patients during meal times each day. A common area is also provided, which has a large fireplace and allows patients to continue socializing during the day and in their free time. Furthermore, a media room is available that is fitted with a billiards table, as well as a television. Patients are also provided access to an indoor gym.


Unfortunately, there is no information available regarding the staff members who are responsible for caring and providing support to patients admitted to Rock Springs Health’s treatment facility. The company’s website does not offer any details on the medical staff, physicians, or therapists who administer treatment. Furthermore, no information is available regarding the leadership team or the clinical directors who are in charge of setting up customized treatment solutions for each patient.
Any patient who feels they would like to become acknowledged with the medical staff who will care for them before they decide to undergo one of the treatment programs offered by Rock Springs Health should visit the facility. Further details can be provided by the admission staff members.

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