The Greenhouse, Grand Prairie, Texas

natural park in Grand Prairie, Texas, USA
1171 107th St
Grand Prairie, TX, 75050

Overview of The Greenhouse

Located in Grand Prairie, The Greenhouse is one of the best substance abuse treatment facility in that area. The Greenhouse founded since 1965 was formerly known as a high-end spar fully equipped with five-star amenities. Built by Stanley Marcus, the former relaxation spot has managed to maintain its beautiful and charming environment.
This rehab facility is operated by the AAC(American Addiction Center) and it’s main purpose and goal is to stop the destruction and pain caused by people suffering drug addiction and alcoholism. This rehab facility goes further to take care of the patient’s body, mind, and spirit which could be a catalyst to help them break from the shackles of substance abuse. They offer inpatient and intensive outpatient treatments for their clients with substance dependency.
The Greenhouse sits on a peaceful and positive atmosphere, where they apply medications and individualized treatment for both Male and female clients struggling with addiction to substance abuse and re-occurring mental disorders. Due to its reputation for years, clients who partake of this facility’s recovery program have always commented with positive feedback.

Accommodation and Food at The Greenhouse

This Greenhouse facility is one of the biggest facilities in the Grand Prairie. Spending about $6.2 million in renovating the center, this former spar now holds a capacity to contain at least 130-bed Treatment facility for co-occurring disorder and substance abuse. Provision of a giant bedroom and bath is made in each room and each room holds about 2 patients. The room also comes with two queen sized beds, a daily service maid and a serene view from the room’s balcony.
Relaxation is also a priority for the Greenhouse facility as this vast property comes with an indoor and outdoor pool, a luxurious gym, a whirlpool, a Hokkaido tub, and a saunas room. When clients are admitted, they are encouraged to relax with any of the extracurricular activities during the early stages of their treatments.
The Greenhouse facility also boasts of a professional chef who cooks three square meals a day. These may include chicken breasts, roasted veggies, and salad with lamb chops. Dietary requirements and special needs from patients are also considered by the facility, and special provision is also made for them.

Treatment Options at The Greenhouse

Upon admission, patients are required to undergo a medically supervised detox program which has already been paid for from the admission fees. Once detox is over and the client becomes ready, they can now administer evidence-based therapies like Motivational Interviewing, CBT, Rational Emotive Therapy and DBT. They also offer Group Therapy which may include a selection of art recovery, relapse prevention, life skills, meditation, boundaries, trauma, and meditation.
Patients are also encouraged to meet with the facility’s therapist to undergone individual therapy at least twice in one week. The 12-step treatment plan is not a must, but classes with a 12-step focus are made available to those who want to partake of it.

Therapy Choices at The Greenhouse

The Greenhouse highly recommends family involvement as a very crucial and important part of the patient’s recovery journey. This facility organizes a three-day family involvement program for its patients in which their family members undergo individual or group therapy sections. This helps the family of the patient to communicate and establish strong bonds which affect their health condition positively.
Other service made by this facility includes yoga classes, spa services, and personal training. This is not included in the payment of upon admission and attracts additional charges. The Greenhouse also provides a free admission of patients who go into relapse after their 90 days treatment.

Payment Options and Insurances

The Greenhouse facility accepts a daily fee of about $440. However, their monthly fee is about $26,250. All payments are made upon admission. The Greenhouse also accepts:

  • Private insurance
  • Self-pay options
  • State financial aid
  • Medicaid

All payments are used for the smooth operation of the facility. This means paying all staffs and providing basic amenities to its occupants.


The Greenhouse facility is accredited by SAMHSA and CARF. This facility is also licensed by the state of Texas with license number 3511.

The Greenhouse Advantages

Founded in 1965, The Greenhouse has been operating as a spar but now as a rehab center for over 53 years of service providing its participants with experienced services. It gives a chance to its patients to work in themselves both internally and externally to achieve a better personality to face the future.

Staff at The Greenhouse

The staff is an experienced and qualified team of professionals who handle addiction issues generally. They commit to their work and ensure that anyone who comes to The Greenhouse actually recovers. Some of the important staffs include:

Anthony Walters – CEO

Anthony Walters joined The Greenhouse in 2018 and he brought about 20 years of experience to The Greenhouse family. As an experienced leader, Walter has been able to increase patients satisfaction and also handled the quality of service within other rehab facilities and The Greenhouse. He is considered as a mentor by most people and testimonies of him bringing out the best cannot be overlooked.

Jonathan H Smith – Clinical Director

Jonathan brings great spirit and strong leadership to the clinical teams and support staffs at The Greenhouse. He holds a Master’s degree from Widener University in Chester and so far he has accumulated about 20 years of experience in substance abuse and mental illness field. He is very much dedicated in his work, and The Greenhouse is very much happy to have him.

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