Cheyenne Center, Houston, Texas

Bayou River with downtown Houston
10525 Eastex Freeway
Houston, TX, 77093

Overview of the Cheyenne Center

The Cheyenne Center which is located in Houston, Texas, is a rehabilitation center which has been serving its community for over 20 years. This facility specializes in chemical dependency using treatments such as outpatient treatment, intensive residential treatment, and transitional treatment, other treatments are also available for patients who suffer from PTSD, ADHD, and bipolar disorder. Funding is gotten from both federal and state programs with an option of private pay for the private clients checking into the facility. This center has a Criminal Justice Diversion program which is used as an alternative to sentencing for patients who committed drug and alcohol-related crimes, keeping in touch with officers of the law to make sure their progress is reviewed. A therapeutic program is available for patients just getting out of prison and can also be used as a way for them to reduce their sentences. The dual diagnosis program has specialized treatment and groups to help patients with co-occurring disorder recover easily. Patients are evaluated psychologically when they arrive at the facility, a treatment plan is made for each patient after their evaluation. The average treatment time is 28 days. The center aims to give clients a comfortable experience while simultaneously providing them with the best care available.

Housing and Food at the Cheyenne Center

At the Cheyenne Center, there are two main buildings, the north building houses up to 120 living units which in turn contain over 280 beds. In the bedroom, there are two bunk beds for men, a wardrobe, a standard dresser, and a bathroom. East building houses the administrative offices and common areas for the staff and patients alike. Patients are expected to keep their rooms neat and tidy at all times with routine inspections made by the staff. The center is designed such that there are various access points and roads to the facility, the center is fully fenced. There are large rooms for morning meetings, a TV room where TV watching is limited to news, the recreational rooms contains various gym equipment and weights for the patients to keep in shape during the course of treatment at the facility. The dining room has chairs that are designed with a country style in mind, large dining table with country style art in the room. Residents serve the meals and take part in performing chores. Meals are served 2-3 times a day with additional snacks such as hot dogs, chicken and pizza included. Cell phones are not allowed in the facility, any phones brought in are confiscated when found, pay phones are available during the weekend for calls to be made to people outside the facility.

Treatment Options

The following treatments and therapy options are available at the center:

  • Inpatient Treatment
  • Outpatient Treatment
  • Substance abuse treatment

Intensive Residential Treatment

The center is made as comfortable as possible to give the client the best treatment available, there are various therapies in the center such as group and individual therapy which are designed to help drug and alcohol patients, the patient recovers both physically and emotionally.

Outpatient Treatment

this treatment is for patients who have completed the complete program and require additional care. Admission for the outpatient treatment is limited due to the beds available. Patients may be admitted for up to 60 days. The following are a list of substances that are treated at the facility:

  • Alcohol
  • Prescription Drugs

Therapy Options

The Cheyenne Center offers a list of therapy for patients which includes:

  • Individual Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Family Therapy


A stay at the Cheyenne Center costs $5000 for 30 days. For private walk-in clients the price is $165 per day apart from a $50 assessment fee which is paid before intake. Patients in the transitional care program are required to pay $100 per day. Costs for the group and individual therapy cost $25 and $75. Insurance is accepted at this center.


This facility is accredited by the Texas Department of State Health Services.

The Cheyenne Center Advantages

The Cheyenne Center is a rehabilitation center which has a focus on patients with chemical dependency issues, although it doesn’t restrict its treatment to those patients, patients diagnosed with dual diagnosis are also treated at this center. Treatment is evidence-based at this facility. The center has a no smoking policy and as such no smoking areas on the campus. Cell phones are prohibited with exceptions made to those who need to make calls for business reasons. Residents in the center are not allowed to converse with each other during meals. The residents are encouraged to look for work and jobs during their stay. The staff at the facility are well trained and have the necessary certificates to carry out the jobs given to them.

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