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Menninger Clinic Overview

Menninger Clinic is a facility that specializes in the treatment of mental health conditions that might be causing the patient to feel like they are in a dark place. The center focuses on the majority of mental conditions that the local population throughout the United States tend to suffer from. Their services are highly specialized, and they often deal with patients who experience more severe signs of specific mental health disorders – including addictions.
There are two primary factors that set the Menninger Clinic aside from most other rehabilitation facilities. Firstly, they have been awarded a top spot in the list of the best rehabilitation centers in the United States since 1991. Secondly, the facility has helped a number of patients who were unable to achieve sobriety or effectively heal from their mental health disorders at other rehabilitation facilities in the past.

Menninger Clinic Housing

The Menninger Clinic is located on a 50-acre land with large open land. The facility was designed to resemble a College campus and to ensure every patient can have access to quality accommodation and amenities if they need to undergo a residential treatment program. The facility is divided into four different sections to provide more specialized care services that can be effectively tailored to each patient. These four sections include:

  • Adolescent treatment zone
  • Compass Program (Young adult treatments)
  • Professionals In Crisis Program
  • Hope Program

No specific details are offered regarding the number of beds that are available to patients who are in need of residential care. The company does not, however, that they offer a range of semi-private rooms in order to make patients feel more comfortable when they are staying at the facility for treatment.

Menninger Clinic Treatment Options

Menninger Clinic is able to assist in the treatment of various mental health disorders that patients may be suffering from. The company has a strong dual-diagnosis program that can help to diagnose and treat multiple mental health conditions at the same time, which ensures the patient can have a shorter stay at the facility or in treatment but still provide them a good chance at successful recovery.
Treatment options that the Menninger Clinic offers their patients include:

  • Adult treatment programs
  • Young adult treatment programs
  • Professionals treatment programs
  • Adolescent treatment programs
  • Outpatient psychiatry services
  • Brain stimulation services
  • Comprehensive psychiatric assessments

Menninger Clinic Therapies Provided

Menninger Clinic has employed a number of highly qualified psychiatrists who are able to provide each patient with individualized care. Patients need to undergo multiple one-on-one sessions with their psychiatrist on a weekly basis. Counselors are also employed to conduct group therapy sessions at the facility, which patients may attend from time-to-time.

Menninger Clinic Payment Options

Since treatment at the Menninger Clinic can be rather expensive, the company has developed different types of payment options to ensure the needs of every patient can be met more efficiently. Patients need to verify their benefits with their insurance provider themselves. If no insurance is available, patients will need to either pay for their services prior to admission or speak to the financial counselor to arrange for a repayment plan. Financial assistance is available to patients who meet certain criteria.

Menninger Clinic Accreditations

Even though the Menninger Clinic is rated amongst the very best rehabilitation centers within the local region, the company does not seem to share details about their specific credentials, such as their licenses and accreditations, on their official website. This might be an unfortunate factor for potential patients that may be looking into the treatment programs that are offered at the facility. Since the company is highly rated and well-known, they do most likely have credentials to prove their authority in the industry of treating mental health conditions – patients should get in touch with one of the administrative staff members for further information in terms of the company’s credentials.
It should be noted that the company has received some awards, including the Pathway to Excellence award, which was provided to them by the American Nurse Credentialing Center. Additionally, they have been rated as one of the top rehabilitation centers in the entire United States by the U.S. News & World Report since the year 1991.

Menninger Clinic Amenities

The list of amenities that patients are provided access to while undergoing one of the residential treatment programs that the Menninger Clinic offers is quite impressive. Patients are able to utilize the saltwater pool installed at the facility, as well as gain access to both a wellness center and the company’s wellness programming services. There are several fitness and wellness facilities available on the premises. Patients are also offered access to a range of additional services, such as experimental therapies, yoga classes, meditation programs, and even vocational training programs.

Menninger Clinic Staff

The official website that represents the Menninger Clinic does not offer any details of the staff members that have been employed at the facility. We were unable to obtain details of nurses, psychiatrists, medical staff, or even the executive team that are involved in the various services that the Menninger Clinic is able to provide their patients with. While the company’s website does have a page dedicated to their leadership, no specific details of the staff that makes up this team have been provided.
It should be noted that the staff members at the facility are most likely highly qualified since many patients who come here are able to recover successfully even when previous rehabilitation centers were unable to assure their recovery before their time at the Menninger Clinic. Patients should contact the facility if they wish to know more about the staff.

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