Texas House, Houston, Texas

Houston, Texas, USA downtown
2208 W 34th St
Houston, TX, 77018

Texas House Overview

Texas House is an addiction treatment facility that gives patients who are usually unable to afford quality treatment for their substance abuse orders access to the support and solutions that they need in order to help them eliminate drugs and alcohol from their lives and to help them with programs that focuses on long-term and lifelong recovery. While programs are free, patients are able to provide the facility with a donation if they are able to as this will assist the facility in continuing to provide their patients with treatment services and help them in their mission to create a clean and sober community.
The facility primarily utilizes the standard 12 step recovery program that has become popular among addiction treatment centers but also offers additional therapeutic services that strive to ensure patients can walk out sober and prevent the patient from going back to a life of alcohol and drugs.

Texas House Housing

Texas House owns and operates a two-story facility that has been designed with multiple apartments. Patients who are admitted to a residential program during the admissions process at the facility will be housed in one of the available apartments in order to ensure they can undergo treatment in a location that makes the patient feel safe. No addictive chemicals, such as alcohol and drugs, are permitted or tolerated on the premises at the Texas House building. There is a total of 18 rooms in each of the separate units.
Male and female patients are placed in gender-specific apartments, and a total of 90 patients can be treated through the residential treatment plan offered at the Texas House simultaneously. Up to four patients may be allocated to a single apartment within the building at a time. When no rooms or open spaces are available when a patient comes to the facility for treatment, they may be placed on a waiting list and will then be contacted once there is an open space for them.

Texas House Treatment Options

The Texas House facility is able to help patients overcome the addictions that they are facing in their lives and help them target and overcome specific types of co-occurring disorders at the same time. The dual-diagnosis approach offered by Texas House often leads to more successful recovery, as patients can get to the roots of their issues through the numerous treatments that are offered to them during their stay in the residential treatment unit.
In addition to providing inpatient treatment options, Texas House may also prefer to refer some patients to the Harris County Hospital System. This may be the case in the following scenarios:

  • When the patient first needs to undergo detoxification before they can start their recovery from substance abuse disorders.
  • When the patient has co-occurring disorders that cause them to have suicidal thoughts, be delusional or experience hallucinations.

Texas House Therapies Provided

Therapy should play an important part in any addiction treatment program, which is why patients are treated through a variety of therapies when they undergo treatment for their addiction at Texas House. The licensed psychiatrists at Texas House are able to see patients in one-on-one sessions to help address their personal issues, while group therapy sessions may also be utilized to help patients learn from each other and keep one another motivated through the healing process.

Texas House Payment Options

No payment is required from the patient’s side to be treated in the residential programs that Texas House can offer patients with existing addictions.

Texas House Accreditations

There is no information available related to accreditations that the Texas House facility holds. We were unable to determine if the local Texas state authorities and health departments have licensed the facility for the particular addiction treatment services that they are offering patients who come to them for help and support. Patients who would like to know details about these matters are advised to get in touch with the appropriate staff. Intake counselors at Texas House would be able to provide patients with details of licenses, as well as possible accreditations.

Texas House Amenities

A variety of recreational activities are offered to patients who are staying at Texas House to ensure they can be entertained and have fun without the need for alcohol or any type of drugs. A common room is available where a Ping-Pong table is fitted. Patients also have access to a basketball hoop, which is located on the outside of the facility. TV privileges are provided to patients during weekends.

Texas House Staff

The Texas House website is quite basic and does not provide extensive details of their staff or any of the management team members that are responsible for overseeing the operations that are implemented by the medical members at the facility. Even though the treatment services offered to patients at this facility are free of charge, patients may still want an idea in terms of whether the services provided are administered by professionals who have appropriate experienced and have been licensed by state authorities.
If there are patients who would like to know more about the staff members who they will be treated by when they undergo treatment at the Texas House treatment facility, the patient should contact the admissions office in order to gain more information. The patient can also visit the facility for details about the staff members. The admission staff would also be able to provide the patient with additional information regarding questions that they might have.

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