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BRC Recovery Overview

Bringing Real Change (BRC) Recovery is a treatment center that helps patients with substance abuse problems and their families. They believe that alcoholism and drug addiction are chronic, yet progressive diseases that require a patient to adopt lifelong practices in order to achieve permanent recovery. BRC Recovery specializes in working with clients who are chronic relapsers or treatment-resistant. In fact, their success rate is 77% which is impressive. Both inpatient and outpatient treatment programs are available.

BRC Recovery Housing

Residential facilities are gender-specific i.e. men and women are housed separately. Up to 20 women and 38 men can receive inpatient treatment in the simple, but comfortable facility. Women usually have two roommates while men can have up to four. Every patient is required to do some chores and their beds and rooms are checked regularly. It’s also important to mention that BRC Recovery provides transitional and sober living services which are indicated by the home-like atmosphere which further motivates patients to continue with their treatment. The comfortable environment provides support, lack of judgment, and promotes calmness all of which are needed for the successful outcome of the treatment.

BRC Recovery Treatment Options

As far as treatment options are concerned, the treatment center offers a variety of programs. BRC Recovery offers the following:

  • Detox – medically-supervised detoxification is suitable for people who have relapsed or have undergone unsuccessful treatment. Detox also includes clinical and medical evaluation, 24/7 clinical and medical care, and case management.
  • Addiction recovery – uniquely structured services which enrich the experience of patients and make sure they get attention and support they need. Programs are gender-specific.
  • Primary program – develops in three phases: 90-day primary treatment program, 90-day transitional living program, and 12-month aftercare program. The program is fully customizable to reach your needs and preferences, but also uses a holistic approach toward effective recovery.
  • Men’s program – created specifically to address the way men experience addiction, also divided into three above-mentioned phases.
  • Women’s program – the three-phased program has more group sessions than men’s counterpart because ladies are more comfortable to spend time and discuss their problems in a group setting.

BRC Recovery Therapies Provided

Since BRC Recovery provides treatment programs of impressive quality it’s easy to expect they also implemented different therapies into the mix. Indeed, various therapies are provided by this treatment center and some of them are listed below:

  • Family therapy
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy
  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • EMDR
  • Creative arts therapy
  • Nutrition therapy

Through therapy sessions, patients have a unique opportunity to adopt a healthier perspective of life, learn more about themselves, and improve their coping skills. Different therapies exhibit different effects which are why it’s practical that BRC Recovery decided to implement various therapy options into the mix.

BRC Recovery Payment Options

The recovery center works with most major insurance companies. In order to verify your insurance coverage you just need to contact BRC Recovery via their email address or the phone. When you contact the treatment center you can also learn more about price because facilities that offer individualized treatment programs don’t display prices on the website. It’s important to mention that BRC is a private-pay treatment community that charges a monthly tuition fee. The monthly fee covers group outings, meetings, and conferences, recreational and outdoor activities, and room and board, food, laundry, and more.

BRC Recovery Licenses

BRC Recovery is accredited by Joint Commission which is, basically, the highest honor a recovery center can obtain. Only facilities with an exceptional level of care and quality of treatment programs can receive this accreditation and BRC Recovery is one of them. This certification is incredibly important for this treatment center because they believe they can equip patients with the much-needed skills to overcome addiction. Recovery is possible and they have both client outcomes and the Joint Commission accreditation to prove it.

BRC Recovery Amenities

To patients and their families receiving treatment for drug or alcohol addiction is a tough time in their lives. Sure, the process is demanding and challenging. Recovery centers like BRC provide different amenities whose goal is to make the treatment easier for a patient and their family. Some amenities include:

  • 12-step immersion
  • Gourmet kitchen
  • Two swimming pools
  • Patios and firepits
  • Fitness and yoga studio
  • Organic diet primarily
  • Personal trainers and yoga instructors
  • Swimming, hiking, and other recreational activities
  • Life skills
  • Spiritual coaching

BRC Recovery Staff

BRC Recovery has a great team of experts and professionals who make sure clients get the much-needed treatment for substance abuse problems. Team members are displayed on the website, but only leadership and business development staff biographies are provided thus allowing potential patients and their loved ones to learn more about the treatment center and people who will take care of them. Some team members are listed below.

Marsha Stone

Marsha Stone is a CEO at BRC Recovery, but she is also a world-renowned speaker, visionary, and leader in the field of recovery. In January 2016 she also founded Spearhead Lodge, an extended-care treatment facility for young adults.

Mandy Baker

Mandy Baker is a chief clinical officer at BRC Recovery where she oversees all clinical services offered by this treatment center. She has vast experience working for different, prestigious treatment centers where she helped treat and developed programs for adults and young adults addicted to drugs or alcohol.

Caitlin Stowell

Caitlin Stowell is a national referral relations manager and an active member in the recovery community. She is passionate about helping persons suffering from addiction. Caitlin joined the team in 2014.

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