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Life Management Resources Overview

Life Management Resources is an affordable addiction recovery center that specializes in providing patients with outpatient services, along with a range of online treatment solutions that patients can utilize when they are not located in the same area as the facility where the company offers their services. One thing that makes Life Management Resources especially convenient is the fact that they specialize in providing both adult and adolescent patients access to the recovery treatment services they require in order to assure their success in recovering from addictions. The company is fully licensed and accredited and has professional staff members who are able to provide patients access to the most appropriate services to help them throughout their recovery.

Life Management Resources Housing

Since Life Management Resources is a facility that focuses on offering the patients who come to them access to a range of outpatient and intensive outpatient treatment protocols, it is important for patients to note that they will not be provided with accommodation while they are being treated at the facility. Every patient who is admitted to a treatment program at Life Management Resources will need to ensure they have their own accommodation during their treatment phase, as the company does not own any type of facility where patients can reside.

Life Management Resources Treatment Options

Treatment options at Life Management Resources tend to defer from patient-to-patient, as a counselor is involved in consulting with every patient to develop an outpatient or intensive outpatient treatment program that is suited to the specific patient’s addictions and condition. After the patient has gone through an initial interview with one of the staff members involved in the admissions process, a customized plan will be developed for them. This allows the counselor to develop a treatment program that is tailored to the patient’s needs.
Treatment options that are currently available at Life management Resources include:

  • Outpatient treatment programs for adolescent patients
  • Intensive outpatient programs for adult patients
  • After Care services

Life Management Resources Therapies Provided

All programs that are offered by Life Management Resources heavily rely on the therapeutic solutions that the company has established, offered by licensed counselors who are experienced in treating patients with addictions. One-on-one sessions make up the majority of the therapeutic services that patients are offered at the company, but there are also family therapy sessions and group counseling programs that patients can participate in.

Life Management Resources Payment Options

At Life Management Resources, each patient is analyzed individually – not only to determine how they should be treated for their addictions but also to help the organization understand how much the patient would be able to afford for the recovery services they need to overcome their addictions. For this reason, all patients are provided a bill based on a sliding-scale fee structure. Once the patient’s income has been presented to the financial counselor at Life Management Resources, a repayment plan will be configured for the patient to suit their specific circumstances. We were unable to determine if the facility is able to accept any type of insurance plan, but patients are free to contact the administrative staff to help them find out if their active insurance policy would be accepted.

Life Management Resources Accreditations

Life Management Resources is fully licensed and have been accredited by appropriate bodies within the United States. The facility has been awarded a National Accreditation, issued by the Joint Hospital Accreditation Commission, after their rehabilitation center and the treatment services they offered were reviewed and analyzed by a professional at the TJC. Additionally, the Texas Department of State Health Services has also granted the facility several licenses for the services they provide their patients with.

Life Management Resources Amenities

There are no special amenities offered to patients who come to Life Management Resources for the treatment of their addictions, since the facility does not specialize in residential treatment services, but rather provide patients access to outpatient programs. There are, however, a couple of amenities and added services that patients who are undergoing outpatient treatment will be provided access to – this includes aftercare services, as well as family therapy sessions. The facility is also able to offer patients access to DWI educational programs, as well as offer legal aid to patients who are released from a Drug Court.

Life Management Resources Staff

Life Management Resources care about every patient who comes to them with the need to recover from an addiction, which is why their website was developed to make the patient feel more comfortable and confident in getting in touch with the appropriate staff at the facility to start their treatment. With this in mind, the company has decided to provide patients access to some data related to the staff members who are involved at the facility. We did find, however, that the company does not provide a comprehensive overview of their management or treatment staff members. Only a small number of faces are shown, along with names and some of the titles that these particular staff members held at the company.
Patients who would like to know about the staff members who are involved in the treatments that Life Management Resources are able to offer their patients should contact the facility and inquire about such details from the administrative staff employed at their head office.

  • Dr. Fred J. Hansen (Ph.D., BCP, LPC) – CEO
  • Kim H. (B.S.) – Administrative and Compliance Director
  • Crystal D. – Billing Specialist
  • Marieta J. Hansen (BA) – Community Relations
  • Sabina S. (MA, LCDC) – Evaluations

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