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Avalon Hills Overview

Avalon Hills is a center that is dedicated to providing patients in the local region with high-quality treatment services that focuses on helping them overcome a number of eating disorders that are relatively common in the local population. Avalon Hills is considered a luxury rehab and main specialize in residential treatment to ensure patients can achieve long-term recovery from their eating disorders by giving each patient a customized treatment plan that focuses on the patient as a unique individual.
While the costs of the facility are higher than some of the other rehabilitation centers for eating disorders in the area, the level of service they offer and the highly-qualified staff members that make up the treatment team at this company surely makes up for the price. Along with the comfortable living environments presented to the patients who come to the facility for treatment.

Avalon Hills Housing

Patients who come to Avalon Hills to gain access to assistance in their journey to recovering from an eating disorder will be housed in one of the luxury and comfortable facilities that the company owns. There are two main facilities that are available to patients who need to be treated at Avalon Hills – the one facility solely provides residential treatment services for adolescent patients, while the second facility is dedicated to adult patients who are coming to the company for treatment.
No specific details are provided in terms of how many patients can stay at any of the two facilities owned by Avalon Hills. Patients will be able to determine if any space is available for themselves or their children to be treated at the facility by giving the admissions office a call. A waiting list may be utilized when no beds are available for treatment at the time of the call.

Avalon Hills Treatment Options

Avalon Hills has developed an advanced treatment system that has been proven successful throughout the years that they have been serving thousands of clients who are struggling to overcome an eating disorder. All of the patients who come to Avalon Hills for treatment will be required to undergo an initial interview with an intake counselor, who are highly trained to assess the patient and determine how the facility can assist in treating their eating disorder.
Each patient will be provided with a customized solution to ensure they can be treated with effective solutions in order to ensure they have the best opportunity possible to overcome the issues that they are facing and walk out of the residential treatment program fully recovered.
The residential treatment program offered to patients at Avalon Hills is generally divided into multiple stages. The patient needs to fully complete all six of these stages to ensure they can effectively recover from the eating disorders that they are suffering from.
These stages include:

  • Initial assessment and planning of a customized treatment plan
  • The awareness phase of treatment
  • Exploration and initial preparation
  • The action phase
  • The transitional phase
  • Aftercare and continued support

Avalon Hills Therapies Provided

There is a couple of different therapy options that patients will be provided when they are being treated for their eating disorders at Avalon Hills. Patients in residential treatment will undergo individual one-on-one therapy sessions with a licensed counselor at the facility. There are also group therapy sessions that are held for additional support and to help patients inspire and motivate each other.

Avalon Hills Payment Options

No specific details are offered on the official website of Avalon Hills in terms of how their payment options work. Patients will need to get in touch with appropriate staff members at the facility to determine if their insurance policy would pay for the treatment they require in order to recover from the specific eating disorders they are suffering from. Self-pay options would be provided to patients who are not insured and to those with out-of-pocket expenses.

Avalon Hills Accreditations

Avalon Hills has been accredited by an international organization that specializes in accrediting rehabilitation facilities that offer treatment services for addictions and related disorders, known as the Joint Commission.

Avalon Hills Amenities

Avalon Hills offer patients access to a wide range of amenities. Patients are able to enjoy cable TV when they are not undergoing therapy and treatment. There are multiple living areas that are shared among patients. The facility is equipped with modern interior décor and patients are provided access to closet space and additional storage space for their personal belongings.

Avalon Hills Staff

The staff members employed at Avalon Hills are all highly experienced and also appropriate certified. This ensures that every patient who comes to the center for treatment will be provided access to staff members that are able to help them effectively recover from their particular eating disorders, and possibly other co-occurring mental health problems that they might have developed as well. The company provides a comprehensive overview of their staff members on their official website.

Tera Lensegrav-Benson
Clinical Director

Tera Lensegrav-Benson has a Ph.D., and she is a graduate from the Utah State University. She gained experience as a Primary Therapist and a Lead Therapist for a significant period of time before she was promoted to the Clinical Director at Avalon Hills.

Michael Albright (AMFT)

Michael Albright specializes in residential treatment solutions and is experienced in dealing with patients who are struggling with substance abuse issues.

Nina Jorgensen
Medical Director

Nina Jorgensen has almost two decades of experience in adolescent medicine and as a pediatrician. She also has her own private practice, in addition to serving as the medical director at Avalon Hills. Nina is a graduate from the Dartmouth Medical School.

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