LifeLine For Youth, North Salt Lake, Utah

Salt Lake City, Utah
1130 W Center St
North Salt Lake, UT, 84054

LifeLine For Youth Overview

At LifeLine For Youth, the founders understand that adolescents are often exposed to substances that may cause them harm and lead to the development of an addiction – these include illicit drugs, along with alcohol. This is why the center was founded initially – to provide effective treatment programs that target drug and alcohol addictions among teenagers in the local region.
Apart from being able to assist in the treatment of addictions in adolescent patients, the treatment center has also developed a range of programs that can help the patients overcome the co-occurring disorders and behavioral issues that may be causing them further difficulties in their lives. These behavioral problems may include problems with the relationships they share with their families, as well as problems in school, problems with pornography, destructive behavior, and criminal behaviors.

LifeLine For Youth Housing

LifeLine For Youth owns a single facility where all adolescent patients are treated during the two residential treatment phases that form part of the program offered to patients at the facility. There is a total of 40 beds in the facility to ensure an appropriate number of patients can be treated at a time. Two beds are fitted in each of the rooms, which means patients are required to share a room with another patient – all rooms are gender-specific. There are two dressers fitted in each of the rooms as well, to ensure patients have adequate access to closet space.

LifeLine For Youth Treatment Options

All of the treatments that are administered to patients who undergo treatment at LifeLine For Youth are evidence-based and research-based therapeutic solutions that have already been proven to effectively assist in ensuring patients can overcome mental disorders, behavioral problems, and, of course, addictions. The programs help the patients grow and introduce them to multiple stages throughout their journey to recovery. Each patient is also provided with a full assessment before they are provided with any type of treatment to ensure the staff at the facility can completely understand what the patient is going through and how the center would be able to help the patient throughout their recovery period.
Four primary stages form part of a patient’s recovery treatment at LifeLine For You. These four stages include:

  • The Discovery Stage, which is based on a residential treatment approach
  • The Recovery Stage, which further provides the patient with residential treatment
  • The Integrate Stage, which is an intensive outpatient treatment program
  • The Aftercare Stage, which ensures the patient can receive continued support

LifeLine For Youth Therapies Provided

Individual therapy sessions are offered to all patients, where all of the problems that they are suffering from will be targeted. Group therapy sessions are also available for patients, which will provide them with an opportunity to share their experiences with other patients and further assist in the journey of healing.

LifeLine For Youth Payment Options

No specific details are provided in terms of whether LifeLine For Youth accepts insurance programs. Parents should get in touch with the facility to determine if their insurance policy is accepted. Alternatively, the parents will be responsible for paying the bill. Financing may be arranged through third-party lenders that specialize in loans for healthcare purposes.

LifeLine For Youth Accreditations

LifeLine For Youth has been accredited by a national association in the United States, known as the Joint Commission. This association reviews the treatment services offered to patients at rehabilitation centers in order to ensure patients can be provided with high-quality services. No details are provided about licenses that have been awarded to the facility by local departments in Utah.

LifeLine For Youth Amenities

Most technology devices, such as smartphones, are banned by the center. Patients are, however, allowed to watch television at specified times. The facility features a cozy interior décor. Recreational space is available for patients to enjoy their free time and to give them an opportunity to socialize with the other patients.

LifeLine For Youth Staff

LifeLine For Youth understands that parents may feel wary of entrusting the care of their teenager to strangers and that the parent might want to know who will be providing their teen with supportive care services in their journey toward a sober life. This is why the center has compiled a page on their website that is dedicated to providing details of the management team, as well as some of the treatment staff members that patients might meet when they are staying at the facility. While no pictures are provided to help the patient put a face to the various names provided, the page does provide an overview of the qualifications and experience held by the staff members at the facility.

Shane Peterson
CEO and Executive Director

Shane helped establish the company back in 1990 and had since played an important role at the facility. He has worked with thousands of patients in their treatment programs to help them overcome addictions, as well as co-occurring disorders. Shane is a graduated from the University of Utah. He has a degree in Psychology.

Dan Scholz (LCSW)
Clinical Director

Dan Scholz graduated with a degree in Social Work from the Weber State University. He is a licensed Clinical Social Worker, with a Master’s Degree from the University of Utah.

Rose George (MD)
Medical Director

Rose George obtained her degree as an MD after she attended the Medical College of Wisconsin. She also completed her residency at the Maine Medical Center, as well as a fellowship program in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at the University of Utah.

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