Weber Human Services, Ogden, Utah

Ogden Valley, Utah, USA
237 26th St.
Ogden, UT, 84401

Weber Human Services Overview

Weber Human Services was initially founded to provide treatment to patients facing a dark time in their lives, such as those with depression or other mental health conditions, as well as those with substance abuse problems. The programs offered at the center initially only catered to patients who were located in Weber County, hence the name of the company, but now serve a more extensive area, including the Morgan County.
Not everyone who comes to the facility for help will be provided access to treatment, however, as they are selective about who they treat and tend to prioritize treatment for those of the community who are deemed more vulnerable. These mostly include adults with more serious problems, such as those using IV drugs, women who are pregnant, senior citizens, and adolescent patients. Some of the treatment programs offered by Weber Human Services can also be provided to children, such as mental health solutions.

Weber Human Services Housing

Weber Human Services does not have any type of residential treatment programs where patients are given access to accommodation while they are being treated for their specific conditions. All patients who are undergoing a treatment program at this center needs to have their own accommodation in the local region. The patient will be provided a schedule with their appointments that have been booked for them. All patients are required to report to the appropriate departments at the facility at the scheduled times to ensure they can obtain access to the services that are included as part of the program that has been developed for them.

Weber Human Services Treatment Options

Weber Human Services acts as a single administration for a wide range of treatment services that can assist in helping patients overcome various conditions and disorders. The specific services that a patient will be provided with, depending on their conditions. Some patients may also require multiple programs, such as when they have an addiction and experience signs associated with mental disorders.
The treatment services currently offered to patients who come to Weber Human Services include:

  • Crisis and emergency services
  • Adult and youth mental health services
  • Adult and youth substance use services
  • Aging services
  • Wellness programs

Weber Human Services Therapies Provided

Therapy is the primary treatment method utilized to assist patients in their journey to recovering from mental disorders and addictions. Patients will be appointed to a therapist that specializes in the conditions that they are suffering from. The patient will then undergo one-on-one sessions with the appointed therapist in order to help them address their problems. In addition to these sessions, patients may also be provided with access to group counseling sessions.

Weber Human Services Payment Options

Weber Human Services offer their treatment options free-of-charge to some patients, but only to those who qualify for special financial assistance. Other patients will be billed based on a sliding scale system. With this system, the patient’s unique circumstances are taken into account. Medicare and some other insurance programs are also accepted at the facility.

Weber Human Services Accreditations

Weber Human Services have not provided information in terms of accreditations that the company has been provided in the past. Thus, we are not sure if any bodies within the United States have reviewed the services that patients are offered when they undergo treatment at this company. We did note that the company was the result of a collaboration of governmental agencies, which most likely means that they have been licensed with appropriate state departments. Patients can verify the facility’s credentials, licenses, and their accreditations by giving them a call or visiting the center.

Weber Human Services Amenities

No special amenities are provided to the patients who are in need of the services that Weber Human Services are able to offer them. The company focuses on outpatient programs, which means there are no rooms or accommodation provided to the patient, no entertainment, meals, or any other factors that would make the stay at the facility more convenient – patients are required to stay at their own homes and only to visit the center at specified times to undergo therapy.

Weber Human Services Staff

While Weber Human Services does seem like a professional facility that truly cares about every patient that comes to them for help with the addictions or disorders that they might be facing in their own lives, we did find that the facility lacks in one particular area – they fail to provide an overview of their staff members on the official website that represents the company. This can be an unfortunate factor for a large number of patients that might be considering treatment at Weber Human Services.
Even though no details of staff members are shared, there is one page on the company’s official website that provides a few board of director members that are involved in the company. Patients who would like to know more about the medical staff and treatment team, however, will need to contact the facility directly for more details.

  • Robert Hunter – Council on Aging, Chair of Board
  • Daryl Ballantyne – Morgan County Council, Vice Chair of Board
  • James Ebert – Weber County Commissioner
  • Austin Turner – Morgan County Council
  • Kerry Gibson – Weber County Commissioner
  • Jim Harvey – Weber County Commissioner
  • Julie Southwick – WHS Advisory Board Member
  • Elizabeth Later – WHS Advisory Board Member

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