Cirque Lodge, Provo, Utah

Cirque Lodge
3114 Ida's Rd
Provo, UT, 84604

Cirque Lodge is luxurious addiction treatment center located in Sundance, Utah. The residents are placed in two-bed rooms, but for an additional fee, they can get a private room. The capacity of the facility is 16 beds. However, at a lower price, clients can stay in the 44-bed studio where men and women are separated by the floors. Both facilities have balconies, saunas, and common dining area with a breathtaking view of the sky.

Fresh meals are being prepared every day, and there is a possibility for meal customization for vegans and people with diabetes. Additionally, residents can grab a snack from the kitchen at any time they want.

Cirque Lodge: Treatments, Programs, and Staff

Cirque Lodge offers its clients the following programs:

  • Drug rehab
  • Alcohol rehab
  • Detox
  • Dual diagnosis
  • 12-step program
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Addiction treatment for women
  • Prescription drugs rehab
  • Experiential treatments
  • Trauma treatment
  • Treatment of mood disorders
  • Codependency therapy

Alcohol rehab offers a personalized approach throughout the entire treatment, and around the clock care is provided if needed. The residents can attend individual and group counseling sessions. The goal of the therapy session is to determine why a person needs to drink and how to break that habit.

Drug rehab includes detox, education, therapy, family program, dual diagnosis treatment, 12-step program, and continuing care. During detox period, a patient gets around –the clock care in order to ease withdrawal symptoms. Also, medications can be administered if needed. During their recovery, residents can attend psycho-educational workshops where they can get all the information about the addiction and recovery.
Therapy is based on cognitive-behavioral approach and experiential treatment. The role of the counselor is to motivate a client and help them realize why addiction even occurred.

Cirque Lodge emphasizes the importance of family in the recovery process. Addiction has a severe negative impact on every family member, but also it is very important for building a strong support system once the rehabilitation is completed. Family week in the center includes a series of educational workshops and therapy sessions where the entire family can learn about the addiction and ways how to help their loved one.

Cirque Lodge: Facilities and Extras

Alumni have the privilege of continuous care across the country, and they can visit the center anytime they wish. Also, extended care service is available in the studio facility.

Private bathrooms are equipped with Jacuzzi bathtubs. Also, meditation room provides 360 degrees view of the landscape that surrounds the facility.

Volleyball court, vegetable, and rose gardens are located on-site.

Rules and Regulations in Cirque Lodge

Wearing inappropriate clothes in Cirque Lodge is strictly forbidden. Also, residents are not allowed to wear clothes with alcohol logo. Cell phones are not allowed in the center as well as laptops, DVD players, iPods with videos, beepers, energy drinks, toiletries that contain alcohol, and weapons. Also, there is no TV in the center.


Cirque Lodge provides a safe haven for struggling addicts, both women, and men. Beautiful landscapes and luxurious interior in addition to diverse, highly individual treatment is what makes this center so popular. It provides detox service, treatment for alcohol and drug addiction, dual-diagnosis services, 12-step program, and much more. Also, the center offers continuing care for alumni and lifetime guest privileges.

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