Williamsville Wellness, Hanover, Virginia

Williamsville Wellness
10515 Cabaniss Ln
Hanover, VA, 23069

The Williamsville Wellness rehab center is a wellness and recovery center wrapped up in one place. The Williamsville Wellness center offers its patients and residents a tranquil, drenched-in-history setting, while also providing a higher-than-most frequency of one-on-one counseling.

Williamsville Wellness offers inpatient stays and outpatient options to treat addiction and mental health disorders. Located in historic Hanover, Virginia, the Williamsville Wellness center covers almost 400 acres of pristine woodland.

Going to the Past and Future

Hanover, Virginia was the site of many battles during the Civil War. And yet, many of the buildings on the Williamsville Wellness campus survived that contentious period and date back all the way to before the war.

Some of the offices and therapy rooms are even housed in restored train trolleys. The Williamsville Wellness center was born in 2007, the product of Robert Cabaniss Jr. and his vision to see his ancestral home become a place for the treatment of all kinds of addictions.

The center originally had twenty-six beds. Eight more were included after the completion of a renovation project in 2011. The outpatient clinic at Williamsville Wellness is also located nearby.

Inpatient residents can choose from two different residences, the Cabaniss Lane house, and the Fire Lane house. A maximum of eight patients is allowed at either house, divided up by gender. Living facilities, as well as treatment sessions, are gender-specific.

Given its vastness and its commitment to an easy-going, independence-heavy treatment philosophy, there is a lot to do during downtime at Williamsville Wellness. There is a pond where you can fish, if that’s your thing.

Exercise and fitness facilities abound. A sauna and hiking trails can also be used during recreational time. Williamsville Wellness also allows monitored use of cell phones and other electronics to give patients the feeling of a modicum of control.

All Eyes on You

Williamsville Wellness is a proud proponent of individualized care. A primary feature of all of their treatment schemes involves almost fifteen individualized therapy sessions a week. This amount of personalized time is exponentially higher than most other facilities.

Treatment at Williamsville Wellness, unsurprisingly, leans heavily on holistic and alternative therapies. There is no special detox wing at Williamsville Wellness so that part of treatment must be undertaken elsewhere.

Typical days at Williamsville Wellness start at 8:00 AM. Treatment plans are all individualized, but most programs contain a smattering of just about everything.

Most patients follow a relaxed trek through therapy sessions (both group and individual) and can include unique options like hypnotherapy as well as yoga and massage therapy. Patients can also receive cognitive behavioral sessions, take part in art therapy classes and attend meetings with their family members.

Mindfulness classes and experiential therapies also round out treatment plans. Evenings consist of AA and NA meetings given onsite and offsite.

Inpatient treatment stays typically last for the standard 28-days. Afterward, patients might make the jump to the outpatient programs also offered at Williamsville Wellness.

Therapy Done Right

The outpatient format for treatment at Williamsville Wellness is just as inclusive and all-encompassing as inpatient treatment. Exposure to different modalities is the first step in trying to find the best scheme for you.

Outpatient plans can last for anywhere between 4 to 6 weeks. Supplemental online materials, like lectures and videos, shore up in-person treatment sessions that take place four times a week.

The Williamsville Wellness center gives you a little more control over your treatment and living options than most facilities. There is also increased individual attention, as seen by their higher than average frequency of individual therapy sessions.

The Williamsville Wellness center puts you first, at all times.And although it might not be the best way for some, others might be able to thrive in an environment where there is less supervision and more freedom.

Price for 28 days at Williamsville Wellness Center: $25,000

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Williamsville Wellness Center
10515 Cabaniss Ln
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