Bethany Hall, Roanoke, Virginia

Bethany Hall
1109 Franklin Rd SW
Roanoke, VA, 24016

Bethany Hall offers addiction treatment services for no more than 30 women at a time. The bedrooms are tastefully decorated and color-coded. Every bedroom has two beds. Common area includes kitchen, dining room, living room with a TV, and playing area for the children.

Bethany Hall: Treatment Programs and Staff

Bethany Hall offers their clients individual therapy once a week and group therapy every day. The therapy is based on improving communication strategy, self- esteem, and social and parenting skills. One of the main goals is to create a relapse prevention plan. Also, for a struggling addict, it is important to learn new coping mechanisms and new ways of dealing with trauma.

Residents of the Bethany Hall are taken once a week of the site to the AA or NA meetings. The 12-step program is also included in the treatment process.

There are two programs for pregnant women and mothers. Pregnant women can live in the facility, get treatment, and give birth to their babies. The length of the stay is from nine to twelve months.

Mothers can also stay with their children in the facility because the Bethany Hall offers services of daycare.

For women that are looking for something other than inpatient stay, there are two options:

  • Aftercare—skills building, relapse prevention plan, case management, and support of the peers, all organized in weekly group therapy sessions.
  • 12-week intensive day treatment program—includes several, 3-hour meetings per week. Therapy sessions are based on anger management, behavior modification, family involvement, relapse prevention, and building self- esteem.

Bethany Hall: Facilities and Extras

Bethany Hall offers holistic treatment options such as Thai Chi, Reiki, and acupuncture. Also, volunteers organize classes about GED completion, parenting, and sexuality.

Rules and Regulations at Bethany Hall

Bethany Hall is rehabilitation center only for women who are struggling with addiction.
The maximum stay is nine months. That includes six months inpatient residence and three months transitional program. Also, there is an option for aftercare programs.

Admission criteria are:

  • No prior addiction treatment
  • No pending legal penalties or criminal charges
  • No involvement in social services
  • No health issues

In addition, once a week, residents go grocery-shopping. That way, clients choose what they want to eat, and it helps them build self-sufficiency.

Women struggling with finances can receive Bethany Hall services thanks to state funding.


Bethany Hall offers their clients holistic approach in addiction treatment. Patients can attend individual or group therapies that are based on the 12-step program, relapse prevention, and behavioral modification.


1109 Franklin Rd SW,
Roanoke, VA 24016, USA



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