The Farley Center, Williamsburg, Virginia

Williamsburg, Virginia , USA
5477 Mooretown Rd
Williamsburg, VA, 23188

The Farley Center Overview

The Farley Center is a facility that provides patients access to a 12-step treatment plan that is offered as a residential program for the recovery from drug and alcohol addictions. The center has been in operation for over 20 years and provided recovery services to thousands of people. Different types of drug addictions can be treated by the center and patients are gradually moved to a transitional housing program to help them adopt a more independent lifestyle, where they clean after themselves and cook for themselves.

Housing at The Farley Center

The Farley Center can provide recovery treatment for 70 patients at a time. Not all patients are housed at the same location, however. The main department provides accommodation for 50 patients in total, which is where patients recover after they have undergone a process of detoxification in order to start their journey to recover from the particular addiction they are facing. In addition to the main department, The Farley Center also has specialty departments that have been developed in an apartment style to provide patients with a transitional housing setting.
No specific details are provided in regards to how many patients can be accommodated at the apartment buildings that the Farley Center owns and operates, but they do advise patients that they have three buildings available to help patients adopt a more independent lifestyle, where the patient is provided with responsibilities to help them adjust to the adult lifestyle.

Treatment Options at The Farley Center

The Farley Center focuses on providing residential inpatient treatment to those who need to recover from a substance abuse disorder. Patients who are admitted to the center will be placed in a 12-step recovery program that helps them heal and recover through a step-by-step approach. The center generally starts to providing the patient with detoxification services. Throughout the years, The Farley Center has also implemented additional programs, such as an intensive outpatient program, where patients can continue to receive therapy and other services once they have recovered and are released from the residential care program.

The treatment services provided by The Farley Center include:

  • 12-Step Philosophy Program
  • Detoxification
  • Primary and Extended Addiction Treatment
  • Evaluations
  • Intensive Outpatient
  • Recovery Management

It should be noted that patients first need to be evaluated before they can be admitted to the facility. Admission staff is highly trained to determine the condition of the patient and provide them with a customized treatment plan that will work best for them. Each patient receives a program that is personalized toward their specific conditions – the admission staff will consider the type of addiction the patient has, as well as how severe their current addiction is. Patients are also provided continued support, and the goal of each treatment plan that is customized for a patient is to help them recover for the long-term and to help reduce the risk that the patient may suffer a relapse in the future.

Payment Options at The Farley Center

Patients who need to be admitted to The Farley Center can submit their medical insurance details to determine whether or not their current plan would cover the costs charged for undergoing treatment at the center.

The center accepts a variety of insurance providers, including MH Net, Cigna, Value Options, Southern Health, Tricare, and Blue Cross/Blue Shield.

When a patient is not covered, they will be responsible for the payment of their own bill. The facility charges the patient approximately $18,000 to undergo residential treatment, which lasts for around 28 days in total. If the patient is unable to make the payment upfront, they can apply for financing through a partnered loan provider known as M Lend Financial. The financial provider charges low-interest rates, and there are no extra fees to pay when making use of financing.


The Farley Center is fully licensed with the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers. The company is also a member of the American Society of Addiction Medicine. Furthermore, the company has received a Gold Seal of Approval by The Joint Commission. These licenses and accreditations assure the patient that the facility is able to provide them with high-quality care services that will ensure they can recover from their addictions successfully.

Amenities at The Farley Center

Amenities offered to patients at The Farley Center include meals that are served throughout the day, along with group settings and meetings. Shared bathrooms are found throughout the facility. Special dietary requirements can be met, but needs to be discussed with the staff during the admissions process. Furthermore, the facility also features a TV room, as well as a room that provides the patient’s access to fitness equipment.


The Farley Center is transparent in regards to the staff members and the leadership team that makes up the company. They share a complete list of the key medical staff members at the facility to ensure patients are aware of who will be administering treatment and who are involved in the development of the recovery and treatment programs that are offered at the facility.

  • Jonathan C. Lee (MD) – Medical Director
  • Elizabeth Pound (RN, BSN) – Director of Nursing
  • Van DeBlieux (PA-C) – Medical Services Manager
  • Odessa Ochoa (PA-C, MSPAS) – Physician Assistant

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