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Associated Behavioral Health Overview

Associated Behavioral Health is a group of facilities in various locations throughout the Washington State that offers a wide range of services that can be tailored to assist patients in dealing with mental health disorders and illnesses, which often include depression. In addition to their programs that focus on treating mental health illnesses among patients, the facility is also equipped with staff members and tools that can help patients presenting signs of a substance abuse disorder recover and start to lead a life that is geared toward success.
The programs offered at the facilities are classified into a number of categories in order to make it easier to determine which options would be best suited to a specific patient. Combined approaches may be used when a patient has an addiction and show signs of mental health problems, which is considered a co-occurring disorder.

Associated Behavioral Health Housing

Associated Behavioral Health is an outpatient treatment network of companies that help patients recover from common mental conditions and addictions. The company does not currently have any type of inpatient services that they offer, which means there are no housing benefits provided to any patient who is interested in being treated through one of the programs that the facility can offer them. Every patient will be responsible for ensuring they have access to an environment that promotes sobriety while they are being treated through an outpatient treatment program at Associated Behavioral Health.

Associated Behavioral Health Treatment Options

Treatments that are offered to patients who come to Associated Behavioral Health will always be customized to meet the needs and demands of each patient and the conditions that they need help with. The facility can offer a range of different services that ultimately aims to help the patient recover from their mental health issues, as well as to improve their chances of a successful recovery from a drug or an alcohol addiction.
The specific types of treatment options that may be included in a patient’s program may include:

  • Assessment to understand the patient’s condition
  • Domestic violence assistance and referrals
  • Referrals for detoxification
  • Anger management classes
  • Life skills classes
  • Opioid dependence treatment
  • Alcohol and drug testing
  • Intensive outpatient services

Associated Behavioral Health Therapies Provided

Various therapy services are offered to patients who are provided treatment at Associated Behavioral Health. Through these services, the patient will be able to dig deeper in order to uncover the root causes of the issues that they might be facing. The licensed therapists are able to provide various therapeutic services, while counselors will often sit in among patients during group therapy sessions to help drive the session in the right direction to promote healing and recovery.

Associated Behavioral Health Payment Options

Associated Behavioral Health prides themselves for being a preferred treatment center among many insurance providers in the local area of Washington. Most of the major insurance companies tend to cover the cost of the treatment programs that the patient may be offered when they need to recovery through the help of this network of facilities. Patients who are unsure if their insurance provider would pay for their recovery services can get in touch with the Associated Behavioral Health offices to verify the benefits of their insurance plan.
Insurance agencies accepted at Associated Behavioral Health include:

  • BlueCross / BlueShield
  • Aetna
  • First Choice Health
  • Humana
  • HMA
  • Kaiser Permanente

Patients who require treatment without an existing insurance plan will be able to pay for their treatment cash or by card. In cases where the patient is unable to pay their full bill before treatment starts, financial arrangements can be made with appropriate staff at the facility. Financial aid can also be provided through third-party private lenders that specialize in loans for healthcare services.

Associated Behavioral Health Accreditations

Associated Behavioral Health has not shared details of accreditations on their website. We were not able to find any mentions of accreditations from CARF, the Joint Commission, or any other bodies in the United States. Furthermore, their website also does not provide details of any licenses that the company has been granted by the State of Washington for the provisioning of quality behavioral and addiction recovery treatment services.

Associated Behavioral Health Amenities

No inpatient or residential treatment services are provided to patients who come to Associated Behavioral Health, which means the company does not go to other extents in order to provide patients with a large variety of amenities. Instead, the company rather focuses on providing each patient with quality treatment services and care to help them heal.

Associated Behavioral Health Staff

Associated Behavioral Health provides an overview of their staff members on the official website that represents the company. The details provided on the staff members offer patients an opportunity to become more acquainted with the medical team that will be providing them with services like counseling, therapy, and other particular treatments that might be part of their program when they decide to opt for recovery services at Associated Behavioral Health. It should be noted, however, that extensive data regarding each of these team members are not provided, only the role they play in the company and a list of their title credentials, which still provide potential patients with an overview of how qualified the staff are.

  • Alexander Bard – Chief Executive Officer
  • Kalyan Dandala (MD) – Chief Medical Officer & Medical Director
  • Arlen Savitt (MBA) – President
  • Darla Capetillo (Ph.D.) – Director of Mental Health Services
  • Ryan Nichols (M.Div) – Director of Chemical Dependency Services

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