Gray Wolf Ranch, Port Townsend, Washington

Port Townsend, Washington
3804 Hastings Ave W
Port Townsend, WA, 98368

Gray Wolf Ranch Overview

Gray Wolf Ranch is a treatment center that is dedicated to providing addiction recovery services to male patients only. The facility also only specializes in the treatment of younger male patients with substance abuse disorders, as they only provide their services to patients who are aged between 14 and 25.
Patients who come to this facility for treatment will be provided access to a number of services to help them in their recovery, along with several activities and amenities that will ultimately make their experience pleasant – showing the patient that life can be fun and full of adventure without having to turn to drugs, alcohol, or other substances. The facility focuses on providing patients with a range of both therapeutic services and adventurous activities during their time in addiction recovery.

Gray Wolf Ranch Housing

All patients undergoing treatment at Gray Wolf Ranch will be provided housing benefits during their treatment phase, as the services offered are all based on residential programs. The facility was originally only able to provide treatment to 10 patients at a time but has since expanded and can currently accommodate up to 26 patients at a time. The founder of the facility focuses on the quality of the services that they can provide their patients, instead of the number of patients that can be treated simultaneously.
By keeping the patient number low, each patient can be provided the individualized care they need to recover from their addictions and behavioral issues successfully. Patients will be required to share rooms when they stay at Gray Wolf Ranch while they are being treated for their conditions.

Gray Wolf Ranch Treatment Options

Treatment at Gray Wolf Ranch starts with a full assessment, as the intake staff members of the facility want to get to know the patient and their family before a treatment plan is discussed. Each patient is provided with an individualized approach to the treatment of addictions, as well as co-occurring mental health disorders or behavioral problems. No detoxification services are offered at the facility.
The programs and treatment options available at Gray Wolf Ranch include:

  • Primary Care Program
  • Extended Care Program
  • Family Care Program
  • Sober Living Services

Gray Wolf Ranch Therapies Provided

Patients will undergo individual therapy sessions with a highly qualified counselor when they are admitted to a residential treatment program at Gray Wolf Ranch. There are also multiple group therapy sessions. Other types of therapy offered to patients include art therapy and massage therapy.

Gray Wolf Ranch Payment Options

While insurance programs may be accepted at Gray Wolf Ranch, patients should be advised that a third-party billing agency is used to deal with insurance-related matters for the treatments that a patient may undergo at the facility. The patient can provide the facility with their insurance details and benefits will then be verified, most often within a day of submission. If no insurance coverage is available, the patient will be required to pay an initial deposit, as well as monthly installments.

Gray Wolf Ranch Accreditations

Details about accreditations that any bodies within the United States, or international organizations such as the Joint Commission, has awarded this company is not shared on their official website. We could also not find any details in terms of whether Gray Wolf Ranch has been licensed with the local state departments that focus on mental health and addictions. Patients are advised to contact the friendly staff members at the facility if they wish to know more about the facility’s credentials.

Gray Wolf Ranch Amenities

The list of amenities offered to patients at Gray Wolf Ranch is rather impressive, as the facility tries to go the extra mile to ensure patients can have fun, feel safe, and be comfortable when they stay at the center during their treatment. Apart from the main center, sober living programs are also operated by Gray Wolf Ranch, giving patients access to an opportunity to become sober even if they cannot reside at the main facility. Other amenities include private music lessons, a recording studio, Tai Chi classes, water skiing, sports fishing, snowboarding, and more.

Gray Wolf Ranch Staff

Gray Wolf Ranch is dedicated to providing the highest level of care to every patient that requires treatment for their addictions, and have employed only the best psychiatrists, clinicians, nurses, and other staff members that form part of their professional team. To ensure patients are comfortable when they come to the facility, the company has released a list of their most important team members on the website that represents the company and the services they provide their patients with.

Peter Boeschenstein – Founder

Peter founded the company in 1992 and has since spent his time expanding the facility in order to ensure quality care can be offered to all of their patients. Peter also gained experience in the department of addiction treatment while he provided his professional services at a facility before he founded Gray Wolf Ranch. He obtained his medical degree from the University of Vermont.

Edward Mosshart – Program Director

Edward Mosshart recently joined Gray Wolf Ranch and had since been providing his services to patients through a private practice. He has more than two and a half decades of experience in behavioral health treatment.

Danielle Dellner (Ph.D.) – Senior Clinician

Danielle has almost a decade of experience in the field of treating addictions and behavioral issues. She is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and obtained her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology after she graduated from the California School of Professional Psychology in Los Angeles.

Dr. Jacynda Wheeler (D.O) – Psychiatrist

Dr. Jacynda Wheeler completed her residency at the University of Washington. She has a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, which she obtained from the Pacific Northwest University of Health Services.

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