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Therapeutic Health Services Overview

Therapeutic Health Services is an organization founded in 1972 to help adolescents and adults with substance abuse and mental health problems. The primary goal of TSH is to restore the lives of people and families affected by mental illnesses and chemical dependency. The organization is founded on the belief that substance abuse and mental illness are chronic and progressive disorders that require adequate treatment. THS is available at different locations but doesn’t necessarily adhere to 12-step recovery and it doesn’t provide residential treatment to patients.
The treatment is based on therapies such as CBT and the fact that counseling is one of the most effective treatment strategies for substance abuse and mental health problems. Many programs are created specifically for adolescents bearing in mind the rates of mental illnesses and substance abuse keep growing among this population. There are also programs for adults and for non-English speaking patients too. It’s definitely a shame they have no residential treatment but outpatient programs are strong enough to support a patient’s recovery.

Therapeutic Health Services Housing

This treatment center does not provide residential treatment, and hence there is no housing info. Maybe in the near future, we can expect THS to start their residential program too. It would be incredibly beneficial for patients from different parts of Seattle who desperately need a high-quality treatment.

Therapeutic Health Services Treatment Options

Therapeutic Health Services doesn’t focus on 12-step recovery which is the standard that many treatment centers follow. Instead, they provide a number of programs that adults and adolescents can attend an outpatient setting. All facilities provide almost the identical program which is, definitely, a good thing because patients can get the treatment they need without traveling too far. While THS encourages clients and patients to seek supplemental help through outside support groups they don’t specify which one, thus giving people the liberty to go for the groups they find most suitable for their condition.
Alcohol and other drugs program at THS is structured in three phases and a relapse prevention groups. Placement in each phase depends on information obtained in the initial THS assessment. The first phase revolves around early intervention and the educational component of the treatment. The second phase includes peer interaction and life skills while the third phase is about personal growth and recovery. All phases included regular meetings with a counselor.

Therapeutic Health Services Therapies Provided

Treatment programs at Therapeutic Health Services involve integrated cognitive therapies that this recovery center developed with the University of Colorado at Denver. The treatment center offers cognitive behavioral therapy for co-occurring disorders and it also involves a parent coaching group in Spanish.
In other words, the primary therapy at THS is cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) which is considered incredibly effective at the treatment of mental health problems and substance abuse issues. Many studies have confirmed the efficacy of CBT in the treatment of addiction and it works equally well in both adult and adolescent patients.

Therapeutic Health Services Payment Options

The health center offers an affordable and adjustable fee system which is based on family size and income. Due to the fact, THS is a fully-licensed and a nonprofit organization they are eligible for coverage by a vast majority of government and private insurance plans. Federal, state, and local governments fund THS and its programs. Many publicly funded programs are available to help pay for treatment costs at THS.
They include private pay, disability lifeline, Medicaid, insurance, the city of Seattle and King County funding for low-income youth under 18 years of age, limited non-Medicaid funds through King County Mental health system funding for adults, and many others. While exact prices aren’t available on the official site, insurance coverage and payment help is still important info to bear in mind and get motivated to start treatment at THS.

Therapeutic Health Services Licenses

Therapeutic Health Services received CARF accreditation. Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities or CARF is a highly reputable international nonprofit organization founded in 1966 as an alternative to Joint Commission. The goal of this organization is to set standards in healthcare and issue certifications to facilities and institutions that offer solid programs and a great level of care all of which applies to THS too, hence this important accreditation.

Therapeutic Health Services Amenities

The most important advantages offered by THS is the fact their treatment centers are available at multiple locations meaning they cover bigger population and reach people who truly need help. Additionally, treatment at this center is affordable and it also includes dual diagnosis services, if necessary which is something that many recovery facilities don’t provide. THS also takes care of the adolescent population and allows them to overcome their problems and grow up to be responsible, substance-free, and successful members of the society. The treatment center also has workshops and seminars for parents of troubled teens. The list of specific amenities isn’t displayed, but the most important thing is that THS provides well-crafted treatments and support that goes beyond the completion of the program.

Therapeutic Health Services Staff

Therapeutic Health Services is one of those treatment centers that don’t provide names and bios of staff members on their official website. While unpractical, it’s still evident the treatment center gathers a good team of professionals who help both adolescent and adult patients overcome their programs and get on the right track through counseling, support, and guidance.

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