Northwest Resources II, Shelton, Washington

Agate Road, Shelton, WA, USA
235 S. 3rd Street
Shelton, WA, 98584

Northwest Resources II Overview

Northwest Resources II is a chemical dependency and substance abuse treatment center that has been around since 1993. Over the years, the treatment center cemented its place as one of the best recovery centers in the country. Experts who work in the facility treat everyone as individuals, but they make sure a patient is properly assessed before starting any kind of treatment. Only a thorough assessment can determine the exact severity of addition or some other problem.
Keeping in mind that addiction and mental health problems often go hand in hand, it’s useful to mention that Northwest Resources II integrates both substance abuse disorder and mental health treatment for an effective approach toward alcohol- or drug-free life.
The treatment center is available at five different locations in Olympia and Shelton. All locations are described on their official website along with short bios of each. Most locations have similar treatment offers, but the last one (see below).

Northwest Resources II Housing

Although the main subject of this review is outpatient treatment, it’s still relevant to learn a thing or two about residential treatment. Inpatient treatment is provided in a safe and secure environment where patients feel supported and calm. Treatment is tailored toward a patient’s readiness to change. The facility can fit in 16 beds and patients can follow a 12-step program, practice yoga, and do so much more. The actual description or guide about rooms and the interior design is lacking, but we can already imagine it’s comfortable, warm, and cultivates a home-like atmosphere.

Northwest Resources II Treatment Options

Northwest Resources II provides both inpatient and outpatient treatment for men and women with drug and alcohol addiction. Treatment options and programs are similar in centers at different locations but the exception is Shelton II location. That’s the only location which doesn’t provide outpatient treatment. Instead, Shelton II focuses on intensive care management and housing case management.
Outpatient treatment options, which are a primary focus of this review, take about nine hours of structured programming a week. The programming consists mainly of education about substance abuse and counseling. Patients attend these services during the day or in the evening. Both counseling and education are important for successful recovery as they allow patients to understand the problem more thoroughly in order to realize they can beat it.
During a span of 12 weeks a minimum of 72 hours of outpatient treatment services a patient needs to attend. The first four weeks of outpatient treatment consisting of at least three sessions a week, individual counseling, various therapies (see below), education, self-help group attendance, among others.
What makes outpatient treatment useful is the fact it’s customized to match each patient’s level of clinical severity.

Northwest Resources II Therapies Provided

As a treatment center that pays a close attention to creating programs and therapies patients can really use to recover Northwest Resources II doesn’t disappoint. Due to the fact that mental health has a significant impact on the reasons behind addiction as well as the problem itself, the treatment center has a number of therapies that improve the emotional and mental wellbeing of a patient. These therapies were introduced to reduce stress, help patients feel calm, and to get to know themselves better. Only when they know themselves will patients be able to uncover reasons why they decided to seek consolation, acceptance, happiness or something else in drug or alcohol. In addition, therapies help patients deal with everyday life more effectively.
Some therapies provide at Northwest Resources II include:

  • Family counseling
  • Group therapy: dialectical behavioral therapy, seeking safety and support & coping
  • Individual counseling
  • Mental health assessments

Northwest Resources II Payment Options

Unfortunately, the official website does not explain anything about payment options. There is no information about the costs of the treatment, insurance, and whether they accept cards and cash, or the latter is unacceptable. If you’re interested in getting help at this treatment center, or you’re curious because of your family member, you can always contact Northwest Resources Ii directly and check it out.

Northwest Resources II Licenses

The only type of certification mentioned on the treatment center’s website is that Northwest Resources II is a Washington State Certified Behavioral Health Agency. The fact that the treatment center is available at five different locations only confirms that Northwest Resources II is a trusted environment that emphasizes the quality of care.

Northwest Resources II Amenities

In addition to outpatient services and inpatient treatment, the treatment center provides some important amenities such as:

  • DUI assessment
  • DUI victims impact panel
  • Relapse prevention
  • Interventions
  • Attorney referrals
  • Interactive Journaling
  • Alcohol Drug Information School (ADIS)

Northwest Resources II Staff

Even though the treatment center has a well-structured and a through website where you can learn a lot, information about staff members is lacking. At this point, the site doesn’t feature a list, names, roles, photos, or even short bios of team members who take care of patients and work with them on a daily basis. That being said, bearing in mind Northwest Resources II is a successful and reputable treatment center we can easily conclude their staff members are experienced, knowledgeable, supportive, kind, and eager to help others.

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