Isabella House Long-Term Recovery Centers, Spokane, Washington

Spokane, Washington (1)
2308 West 3rd Ave
Spokane, WA, 99201

Isabella House Overview

The Isabella House is part of the New Horizon Care Centers network of facilities that offer patients access to a wide variety of programs that are all tailored to help them overcome common types of addictions observed in the local population. The Isabella House provide patients with specialty services that have been tailored toward female patients with substance abuse problems. The house is also able to provide accommodation for children while their mothers are undergoing treatment to recover from the addictions that they might have developed.
The facility believes that mothers should not be separated from their children while they are being treated, which is why food, private rooms, and other features provided for their children as well. The programs offered at the Isabella House are state-funded, which means any woman with an active addiction can come to the center, even if they are not in a good financial position at the time being.

Isabella House Housing

The Isabella House is able to provide housing for all of the patients who are being treated for their addictions. The house is able to accommodate up to 24 women at the same time. In addition to providing adequate housing for 24 female patients, the facility is also able to provide accommodation for up to 21 children to ensure the children can stay with their mothers while treatment is being administered. At the moment, the facility only allows children up to the age of six to stay with their mothers in the facility.

Isabella House Treatment Options

The treatment options that are available at Isabella House generally tend to defer from patient to patient, as the intake counselors have been trained to develop individualized programs that focus on taking care of a patient based on their specific condition. All treatment protocols that are included in the patient’s treatment plan will be provided to them while they are staying at the Isabella House, ensuring that they can recover in an environment where they can feel safe and where staff members are available to ensure that the patient can be provided with the level of care that they need to successfully overcome the particular types of addictions that they are suffering from.
Patients who are admitted to the Isabella House program will undergo long-term residential care. The specific types of programs and options that may be provided to the patient at the facility could include:

  • Educational session to help the patient understand the dangers of drugs
  • Therapeutic solutions to help address the root causes of the patient’s addictions
  • Parenting programs
  • HIV educational programs
  • Transitional housing services
  • Life skill development skills
  • Employment skills development skills

Isabella House Therapies Provided

The staff who are employed at the Isabella House are able to provide the patients being treated at the facility with different types of therapies in order to help address particular issues that the patient may be facing, as well as to help the patient recover from their substance abuse disorder.
The specific types of therapies that a patient may be offered include:

  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Therapy sessions for children

Isabella House Payment Options

The Isabella House, part of the New Horizon Care Centers Network, is a state-funded facility that offers women whose lives have been turned upside down by an addiction a way to recover without the need for significant funds. Thus, patients can come to the Isabella House even if they do not have the funds to afford treatment for their addictions. The patient will never be shown away and will be provided full access to all of the treatment options, therapies, and housing benefits that are offered at the facility.

Isabella House Accreditations

Isabella House and the New Horizon Care Centers does not offer any details related to specific types of accreditations that they have been provided to the services that they are able to provide their patients with. While the facility does not share any details in regards to any specific licenses that have been granted to the facility, it should be noted that their programs are state-funded, which means they most likely have the appropriate licenses with the local authorities.

Isabella House Amenities

There is a couple of amenities that patients at the Isabella House are provided access to. The facility provides the patient access to a kitchen, along with a dining room. The kitchen is stocked with healthy food varieties, and patients dine together three times a day to ensure they can gain access to important meals. The facility also features a shared living room, where up to 12 patients can be seated at a time. The living room is equipped with televisions for entertainment. Additionally, it should be noted that a special playroom is available in the facility to entertain the children who are staying with their mothers.

Isabella House Staff

The New Horizon Care Centers website, where details of the Isabella House that forms part of their network is provided, does not offer details of staff members that offer their professional services at the facility.
No details of board members or directors involved at the facility are provided either. When patients feel that they would like to know about the therapists and nurses who are administering treatment services to patients at Isabelle House, they can contact the specific facility directly to gain some insight into the professionals that offer their services at the facility while female patients are being treated for their addictions.

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