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Spokane Addiction Recovery Centers Overview

Spokane Addiction Recovery Centers is a network of rehabilitation facilities that all provide patients access to affordable healthcare services that aims to assist in the recovery of the patient’s addictions. Apart from the company’s ability to assist in substance abuse disorders, therapists and medical staff employed at the facilities owned by this company is also able to assist in addressing mental health concerns that the patient might be experiencing as co-occurring disorders. Spokane Addiction Recovery Centers currently owns four recovery homes where patients can reside during their time in recovery, as well as a separate facility where patients are provided access to outpatient services.

Spokane Addiction Recovery Centers Housing

Inpatient services offered at Spokane Addiction Recovery Centers all provide patients access to accommodation while they are undergoing a treatment program that has been developed for them. The four recovery homes owned by the company are divided into two groups, each providing gender-specific accommodation for patients who are in need of residential care.
Two of the houses are dedicated to providing treatment and accommodation for male patients, while the other two focuses on female patients. No specific details are shared in terms of how many patients can reside in any of the houses that are owned by the Spokane Addiction Recovery Centers at a time. The patient will be provided with information on the availability of beds in the recovery homes at the time of their consultation, or when they make a call to the facility.

Spokane Addiction Recovery Centers Treatment Options

Treatment at the Spokane Addiction Recovery Centers focuses on helping the patient achieve sobriety and to avoid a relapse occurring in their future. Each patient who comes to the facility will be thoroughly analyzed by a counselor to determine how severe their addictions are and to help the company understand the types of addictions that the patient is suffering from. The counselor will also determine if the patient is suffering from any type of co-occurring disorders at the time of their consultation.
Treatment services that may form part of a patient’s individualized treatment plan include:

  • Intensive inpatient residential services
  • Recovery house residential treatment
  • Intensive outpatient treatment services
  • Outpatient treatment programs
  • DUI assessment services
  • Alcohol & Drug Information School
  • Medication supervision
  • Case management

Spokane Addiction Recovery Centers Therapies Provided

Counseling is an important part of a patient’s recovery program at the Spokane Addiction Recovery Centers, which is why every patient, regardless of whether they are experiencing co-occurring disorders along with their addiction or not, will be provided one-on-one counseling services, group therapy services, and psychotherapy treatment protocols.

Spokane Addiction Recovery Centers Payment Options

Patients in need of treatment at Spokane Addiction Recovery Centers should understand that the provision of services offered at the facilities operated by this company is limited only to those who are insured through the Medicare health insurance program. This is a federally-funded program that provides individuals within the United States access to affordable health care services to promote their well-being and to assist in the treatment of illnesses and diseases they develop. Patients will need to provide the company with their insurance card and details in order to have their benefits with Medicare verified. No details are provided in terms of how out-of-pocket expenses are dealt with for patients who are not fully covered for the treatment they need to undergo.

Spokane Addiction Recovery Centers Accreditations

No details are shared regarding the particular amenities that any type of body has granted the Spokane Addiction Recovery Centers. There also does not seem to be any details available regarding licenses that the health departments of the local state have granted these facilities. Both licenses and accreditations play important roles in any type of rehabilitation facility, as this provides patients with proof that the company is able to offer them professional-level services to help them throughout their journey to sobriety.

Spokane Addiction Recovery Centers Amenities

Patients who require residential treatment at Spokane Addiction Recovery Centers will be offered access to dressers, a kitchen, and daily meals. Additionally, the facility is also equipped with an Alcohol and Drug Information School, which can help patients better understand the real impact that substance abuse has on their bodies – including their physical and emotional health.

Spokane Addiction Recovery Centers Staff

Patients who feel insecure and scared about contacting a rehabilitation center often find that they start to feel more confident in their decision to recover when they know the treatment team at a particular center would be able to provide them with the professional services that they need during their recovery phase. For this reason, many rehabilitation centers tend to share details of their staff members on their official websites.
Unfortunately, we found that Spokane Addiction Recovery Centers does not have any information related to their staff members on the website that represents the company. No information is provided regarding the founder or the management team members. There are also no details provided in terms of the treatment team. We did, however, note that the company mentions all of their staff members are experts in the field of recovery treatment.
Patients will need to get in touch with Spokane Addiction Recovery Centers if they wish to learn more about the treatment team that will be providing them with care services if they choose to utilize the services offered by the company to assist in their recovery.

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