Cascade Behavioral Hospital, Tukwila, Washington

Cascade Behavioral Hospital
12844 Military Rd South
Tukwila, WA, 98168

Cascade Behavioral Hospital is a young treatment center, founded in 2013. This facility is located in Tukwila, Washington. As part of Cascade Behavioral Health network, this facility treats a variety of different conditions that impact both adults and older adults – chemical dependence (alcohol, cocaine, heroin, meth, prescription drugs, barbiturates), and mental health issues (depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, suicidal intentions, etc.)

Cascade Behavioral Hospital: Treatments, Programs, and Staff

The admission process at Cascade begins with a phone call (24/7); alternatively, patient is welcome to come directly to the center. Personal health care provider can also make the call or fax pertinent clinical information to the admission staff.

Each client completes a brief admission screening, to determine whether this treatment center is suitable for them. If the coordinator determines the client is still actively engaged in drinking or taking drugs, he/she is immediately directed to Cascade’s medical detox program. During the 3-5 days of detox, the clients are closely monitored going through the withdrawal process by a medical director and a team of nurses and counselors. On the other hand, if the client is clean, he/she can enroll in one of 2 main treatment programs – Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) or the Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP).

During the two weeks of PHP, clients attend meetings Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 4 pm. Clients can be enrolled in this program directly, and as a step-down from detox program. PHP revolves around intensive individual and group therapy, held during the day in the hospital, while nights are spent at home. Each client is different so the schedule of these therapies is arranged according to the required type of the therapy.

IOP can also be a step down from detox or PHP. Clients involved in IOP follow a strict program which focuses on their chemical dependency and at the same time, allows them to continue with their previous work and school responsibilities.

IOP treatment pattern includes lectures, therapy sessions, and 12-step meetings. The 3-hour group meetings are held in the morning and during the evening. Individual therapy sessions also usually last for 3 hours – when and how often they are held depends on client’s needs. During these sessions, patients work on developing some valuable life skills – skills that will help in relapse prevention and stress management. Requirements for DUI and other legal offenders are accompanied by IOP.

Weekly attendance of AA and NA meetings is recommended, but optional for PHP and IOP clients.

Besides PHP and IOP, Cascade offers a 14-day inpatient stabilization program. While PHP and IOP allow clients to spend nights at home, clients going through stabilization program live in the hospital. Medical staff and a chemical dependency counselor are set to constantly monitor the process. Group and individual meetings and lectures keep clients busy during the day. The program focuses on relapse prevention and supports family involvement, so they can learn how to help their loved ones after discharge.

Cascade Behavioral Hospital gathers a team of dedicated and experienced professionals in their fields: chemical dependency, psychiatry, physiology, mental health, and medicine.

Facilities and Extras

Although a hospital, Cascade surrounding doesn’t give out a hospital-like impression. Green vegetation and neatly maintained lawns provide relaxing atmosphere. The entire facility is kept clean, with plenty of sunlight. The simple furnishing does not imply lack of comfort; on the contrary!

Since Cascade’s treatment is comprehensive and holistic, clients may receive some unique therapeutic treatments: pet therapy, art therapy, spiritual therapy, acupuncture.

Clients who struggle with Suboxone addiction are included in specific groups which help them detox from Suboxone and stay clean.

The aftercare program is not a part of Cascade’s treatment, but sober living environment is provided after clients finish with their IOP.

A typical family program is also not provided – there are just group meetings on Thursday evenings for clients and their family. These meetings aim to help build and reinforce strong relationships among family members by providing education on substance abuse and working on development of communication issues.

Rules and Regulations at Cascade Behavioral Health

Cascade Behavioral Hospital cost for PHP is $6.500 in the duration of two weeks, and the cost for IOP is $6.500 and includes 24 sessions. Most insurances are accepted.

All admission decisions are made on a case-to-case basis, but there are, certain general criteria for each potential client – he/she must be 18 or above, and must be in need for acute psychiatric care or inpatient substance abuse treatment. Patients with specific and significant medical needs (such as portable oxygen, catheters, and ostomy bags) are not accepted.

After a face-to-face assessment, a staff member conducts a thorough check to ensure that the patient does not possess any drugs, alcohol, weapons, or any other item that can potentially be used for self-harm.


Cascade Behavioral Hospital can be an ideal formula for those in need of detox and IOP treatment. Cascade detox program relies on medical foundations, so clients are guaranteed to receive quality care in a safe environment. Partial hospitalization program and intensive outpatient program are both very good and stable solutions for clients who can’t participate in an inpatient treatment.

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Cascade Behavioral Hospital

12844 Military Rd South

Tukwila, WA 98168




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