The Foundry Ministries, Bessemer, Alabama

Birmingham, Alabama, USA
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The Foundry Ministries Overview

The Foundry Ministries is a strictly Christian treatment center for individuals (addicts, ex-prisoners, and destitute) suffering from substance abuse, spiritual brokenness, and poverty. The organization also helps those struggling with legal offenses. In 1971, the ministry was known as Bessemer Rescue Mission and was founded by Sam Reynolds. As the ministry continued to expand, it created a women’s shelter in 1992 and a recovery program for men in 1997. Later in 2006, the ministry opened its first medical center (The Foundry Medical Center) and in 2008, started its first residential program for women capable of housing 52 women in the program.
The Foundry Ministry’s former women’s facility was later renovated and offers transitional housing to multiple women. The ministry operates some businesses which include farm near Cullman, Alabama (at the men’s center), an auto center (The Foundry Auto Center), and a thrift store (The Foundry Thrift Stores).
The Foundry Farm acts as a recovery space for men who seek to avoid distraction and focus strictly on their healing. The Foundry offers a yearlong recovery program which follows a “Christ-centered” curriculum and focuses on long-lasting behavioral change. The Foundry also offers an aftercare and rescue program as part of its recovery strategies. The rescue program seeks to offer homes, medical care, and food items to those in need. The facility does not treat co-occurring disorders.

Accommodation and Meals

The Foundry Ministries’ Bessemer unit is a campus which is located in downtown Bessemer and is capable of housing up to 152 men and 56 women at a time. The Foundry Farm located in Cullman, Alabama is a safe, natural space for men to achieve recovery and is capable of accommodating up to 80 men. Residents at the Bessemer branch and Foundry Farm live in rooms which can accommodate from 4-10 people and sleep on bunk beds. Residents are tasked with daily chores around the centers and are responsible for keeping their rooms and immediate environment clean. Electronic devices are prohibited at the facility. Facilities have gyms, pool tables, free laundry services, and a kitchen staff that prepare and serve meals in the cafeteria.

Treatment & Therapy

The facilities offer some forms of care for its clients. These include:

Recovery Program

The center offers a 12-month, Christ-centered recovery program for individuals suffering from substance abuse and behavioral problems. This program usually involves Bible study and worship services, counseling, and addiction education classes.

Aftercare Program

The Aftercare program helps clients transition back into living and working communities as part of a healthy, long-lasting road to recovery. Clients also work with the facility’s counselors that may include individual counseling and education classes. The program also offers transitional housing if necessary.
The following are some of the issues treated at the hospital:

  • Substance Addiction (Alcohol, Opioids, Heroin, etc.)

Therapy Options

The hospital offers a list of therapy options for patients which include:

  • Individual Counseling
  • Group Therapy
  • Relapse Prevention


Foundry Ministries costs vary depending on the program the client is registered into. Only an intake fee of a certain amount is made at the initial registration, no other payment is made during the course of the program. The amounts for the programs are listed below with the duration:

  • Recovery Program – $495 intake fee for a 12-month program
  • Re-Entry Program – $50 intake fee and once the individual is employed, it is required that the client contributes financially to the organization for basic upkeep management such as; transportation, feeding, rent, and other needs
  • The Rescue Program costs nothing

Clients and individuals interested in joining any of these programs are advised to call the management or visit the facility for more information.

The Foundry Ministries Advantages

The facility organizes an educational workshop for the families of clients that are in recovery, every first Sunday of the month. Clients can apply for an exit pass to go and visit their loved after being in treatment for three months. After completing an inpatient program, the facility works with the client to create a discharge plan (aftercare program) and this can include; education, church attendance, Job training, support, community outreach, classes, Counseling, and many more. Transitional housing is also made available for clients who are in need of this service, like a hostel of sorts for women and Changed Lives Christian Center for the men. The facility also offers a program (Re-Entry) to help ex-convicts to transition into living independently. Being a very faith-based organization, the facility prides itself in its commitment to helping individuals, male or female, through the path of healing with a comprehensive well-rounded program including the study of the bible and in-depth counseling.


  • Micah Andrews – Chief Executive Officer
  • Tom Mayfield – Chairman
  • Craig Cecil – Treasurer
  • Sherri Jackson – Secretary

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