Drug Rehabs In Kentucky And Addiction Treatment Options

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Drug and alcohol-related issues are increasing in Kentucky. While recreational use is popular, many become addicted to prescription medication first. The increasing number of addiction cases demands the need for medical intervention. Drug rehab centers in Kentucky serve the exact purpose.

Kentucky Substance Abuse Rates

Despite the presence of drug rehab facilities in Kentucky, a report released by the Office of Drug Control Policy says that the mortality rate due to drug overdose in the state increased by 11.5% in 2017 to more than 1,560, setting an all-new high record. This number is greatly influenced by fentanyl and heroin abuse.

Cocaine and methamphetamine addiction are also problematic issues in KY communities. Hence, there is a need for more drug addiction treatment centers in Kentucky. The state residents also face alcoholism, which may affect users psychologically. With numerous harmful consequences, substance abuse is difficult to control. This forces more patients to seek help from Kentucky substance abuse treatment centers.

Rehab Options In Kentucky

Services offered by most Kentucky alcohol rehab centers use medicine-based or psychological approaches, but there are also faith-based centers that offer specialized programs centered around spiritual unity with God. Many Kentucky drug rehab facilities choose to combine approaches to help people restore productive lives by establishing not only physical wellness but also emotional health and spiritual growth. Additionally, the dual diagnosis rehab centers provide treatment for co-occurring disorders.

Aside from serving adults and youth, Kentucky drug rehab centers are also competent enough to address the multiple needs of special populations, such as pregnant women.

Addiction Treatment

Living accommodations are comfortable and home-like in drug rehabs in Kentucky. Effective treatment programs are tailored to the individual’s needs. The state has also seen the demand for LGBTQ-friendly and gender-specific programs and facilities. Aside from the usual detox and treatment, alternative types of therapy offered in KY include pet-therapy, adventure programs, yoga, meditation, and massage. Post-treatment counseling and follow-up sessions after treatment are also available to help reduce the risk of addiction returning.

The state also employs the Good Samaritan Law, making it easier for people to reach out for help from professionals in rehabs. It protects people who report an overdose from being punished by the law due to drug possession. The state efforts to fight against substance abuse also include launching the KY Help Center free hotline, which is an excellent resource for many with questions about addiction and potential treatment options in Kentucky alcohol rehabs and drug facilities.

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