What Are NA Meetings? What To Expect From Them

NA meetings aim to gather people who are determined to recover from their addiction. The primary goal of such a gathering is to help the participants remain motivated to stop using and stay clean through communication and support. Although it may be a good idea to find the nearest NA meeting and start attending the program as soon as possible, it is also crucial to learn about the format, types, and effectiveness of these sessions to get the best experience.

Learn About NA Meetings:

What Is A NA Meeting?

A Narcotics Anonymous meeting is always a group gathering, although the format varies from program to program. NA sessions always prioritize coming together, supporting each other and helping each other stay clean. These gatherings normally occur outside any political or religious organizations. Individuals don’t need to belong to a certain religion or be enrolled in a rehab program to attend a Narcotics Anonymous meeting. The lack of affiliation allows attendees to relax and focus on their recovery, as it is easier to open up about one’s issue when there is no pressuring or discrimination.

The format of the meetings varies greatly, depending on the needs of the participants. People can choose from ordinary groups, gatherings that have a specific theme or topic, NA meetings for families, and online meetings.

Types Of NA Meetings

It is critical for successful recovery to choose the right NA meeting format. There is a wide variety of formats to accommodate the needs of every person regardless of their background and history of addiction.

Open Sessions

Open NA meetings allow families, prospective participants, and other members of the community to be present during the gathering. Only regular attendees are allowed to actively participate, which reduces the pressure that some individuals may feel.

Closed Meetings

A closed NA meeting is available for everyone who acknowledges having a problem with addiction. These meetings are designed to grant people a high sense of comfort and security to help them share and socialize.

Specific Group Gatherings

Specific Narcotics Anonymous group meetings are restricted by certain group characteristics. For instance, there are women-only meetings, as well as groups for newcomers, members of the LGBT community, and various religions.

Topic/Discussion Meetings

All participants may choose to attend sessions that are centered around discussions relevant to their recovery. Such NA meeting topics usually don’t revolve around substance abuse itself.

Speaker Meetings

At a speaker NA meeting, a professional, a successfully recovered person, or a motivational speaker give a presentation to inspire the participants. These meetings may be open, closed, or restricted based on demographics.

Big Book Study

Big Book NA meeting focuses on studying and discussing the text of The Big Book by Bill W. Although the book itself describes the recovery from alcohol addiction, it is frequently introduced into Narcotics Anonymous meetings as well.

12-Step Study

NA meetings with the 12-step study format explore one or several steps per gathering. These groups may be divided by religion or lack thereof, as some of the steps may contain spiritual exercises.

Online NA Meetings

Some people in remote areas may struggle to find a Narcotics Anonymous group nearby. Others may be unable to leave the house or tailor their lifestyle to the closest NA meeting schedule. Instead of delaying the recovery process, such individuals may benefit from online NA sessions.

Online Narcotics Anonymous meetings provide support for everyone in the world regardless of the person’s location. These gatherings are conducted via various online chatrooms and specialized applications. Online NA meetings are highly private, as the participants communicate primarily by voice. They are also suitable for immigrants who wish to share their issues with people of their own culture, language, and mentality.

How To Join NA Meetings

The vast majority of NA gatherings don’t require the attendees to register in advance. A person can find the closest NA meetings by zip code or recommendation and simply show up at the designated place. The participants are not reprimanded for being late as long as they are not disruptive, but it may be a good idea to come early and socialize before the session begins.

If an individual finds their chosen group comfortable, they should check their Narcotics Anonymous meeting schedule and plan attendance accordingly. Usually, the schedule will be available at the spot, but the person can always ask the coordinator or their fellow participants.

How Long NA Meetings Last

The gatherings usually take between 60 and 90 minutes, yet anyone can leave at any moment regardless of how long the NA meeting lasts. If a closed NA group feels too intimidating, a person can visit an open gathering and simply observe before taking another step.

How Anonymous Are NA Sessions?

Anonymity is the primary concern of organizations that offer Narcotics Anonymous meetings. At the gatherings, people are never required to fill sign-in sheets, use their real names, or disclose their identities in any other way. The organizations also pledge not to convey the information revealed during the meetings to law enforcement, employers, and families of the attendees.

However, it is important to note that coordinators cannot control the actions of the participants. The anonymity can be naturally compromised by interacting with others, although members are directed not to identify each other by name or in photos. Local NA meetings, in particular, can increase the risk of recognition. If the distress over anonymity hinders a person’s progress, online sessions may be more suitable for them.

The Effectiveness Of NA Program

When it comes to NA meetings, researchers struggle to accurately assess the rates of success and failure because the hosting organizations strive to protect the anonymity of their members. However, according to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, 38% of those who participate in self-help recovery opportunities still attend the gatherings two years after completing treatment. The overwhelming 81% of active members also stay clean for at least 6 months, compared to 26% among those who do not participate in the NA program.

While the described format may not be suitable for all, people can always find the closest NA meeting and try attending a single session. Narcotics Anonymous groups center around mutual support and encouragement, and forming bonds with people on various stages of dealing with the same problem can help greatly.

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