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Montana drug rehabilitation facilities have a huge task at hand because the rate of dependence on illegal drugs in the state is among the highest in the U.S. Substance abuse can have adverse reactions on personal health from addition to the risk of death from overdose. However, Montana drug rehabs and their programs offer patients a chance to free themselves from addiction.

Traits Of Substance Abuse In Montana

In 2017, the state recorded slightly more than 70,200 deaths as a result of an overdose, with an estimated 47,600 being attributed to opioid usage. Furthermore, in 2018, Montana alcohol rehab centers recorded a total of 557 cases of alcohol abuse solely with an additional 367 cases used alcohol in combination with a secondary substance. Alcohol is one of the most abuse, with 19.8% of adults reporting binge drinking in comparison with the national average of 16.3%.

Thankfully, drug rehab centers in Montana, in combination with law enforcement agencies, are well equipped to assist residents in breaking the chain of addiction in the state.

Addiction Treatment

The state has raised concerns over the increasing number of substance addiction cases. Unfortunately, only approximately 7% of residents with substance use disorder are receiving some form of treatment. Since there are only 32 Montana state drug rehab centers, an estimated 4000 adults are actively looking for treatment without any avail.

On the bright side, the available Montana drug rehab programs are geared towards offering the best possible service for those suffering from SUD. Some of the rehabs in the state offer 24/7 support in cases of emergency and are also looking to integrate addiction care into primary care practices and managed similar to conditions such as diabetes.

Unique Features In Treatment

Montana drug rehab centers have professionals who can handle various issues associated with substance abuse. They include:

  • depression and frustrations
  • anxiety
  • oppositional behavior
  • self-esteem issues
  • behavioral psychology

Montana drug rehab programs are also offered to justice-enrolled populations in state prisons to ensure smooth reintegration back in the society once they are released. Furthermore, Montana’s Help Act legislation extends medical aid to low-income households, enabling those suffering from addiction access to insurance cover. Montana Healthcare Foundation is also at the forefront of focusing on behavioral health, including mental illness, depression, and substance use disorder.

Milestones Of Montana Rehab Treatment

Abuse of alcohol, opioids, and other substances has resulted in a significant number of possibly preventable deaths amongst state residents. On the bright side, the availability of Montana drug rehab programs has helped reduce fatalities from substance-related complications and overdoses. Both the private sector and the governmental authorities have facilitated the development of rehabilitation centers in Montana and drug rehab programs to help those who are addicted. The state government provides legislation that is aimed to make health care affordable to its residents. Therefore, people suffering from drug dependence can seek treatment regardless of their financial situation.

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