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What is hidden from view in West Virginia is the addiction epidemic. Few states have been as hard by drug abuse as West Virginia, which ranks 4th in the nation for addiction. There is a grave need for West Virginia drug and alcohol rehab centers.

Addiction In West Virginia

West Virginia substance abuse statistics show just how frightening the state of drug abuse is. Taken all together, they make it clear why it is one of the worst states in the nation for addiction:

With all of this in mind, it is clear that few states are as in need of drug rehab at West Virginia.

West Virginia Drug Rehabs

Because the addiction epidemic is so severe in West Virginia, it was one of the first states to pass a Good Samaritan drug law. This means that anyone who is overdosing or is around someone that is overdosing can seek treatment without prosecution. While this does not extend to non-emergency care, West Virginia drug rehab organizations will not report the use of illicit substances that do not take place on their grounds.

Because West Virginia is one of the most impoverished states, low-cost and free rehabs are critical. There are more than 50 such options in the state. However, there are also other options, including luxury residential centers, making it easy for patients to find a center that fits within their budget and supports their lifestyle.

Patients can opt for the structure of West Virginia alcohol rehab that works best for them. Options include:

  • Inpatient rehab, requiring the patient to live full-time at the facility;
  • Partial hospitalization, which lets patients get intensive care while living at home;
  • Outpatient rehab, giving patients the chance to work and live at home while being treated.

Oftentimes, patients will start with the most intensive rehab program and then step down as they get better.

Therapy Options In The State

Individuals must also keep in mind the therapies that treat drug addiction in West Virginia.

Rehab centers might offer any mix of the following:

  • Treatment of underlying behavioral disorders that contribute to addiction
  • Medically assisted detox to allow patients to get clean safely
  • Opiate replacement to safely eliminate dependence on illicit drugs
  • Anti-craving medications for alcohol and opioids
  • Group and individual therapy
  • Alternative therapies, such as horseback riding and stretching
  • Aftercare to help patients stay sober after ending active treatment

For some people seeking West Virginia help for drug and alcohol rehab, the process of vetting centers can be overwhelming. It might be best for potential patients to let professional consultants help. These people are familiar with centers in West Virginia, and after a brief interview, can determine which are best in the given situation.

Ending Addiction in West Virginia Rehabs

With its rate of drug use incredibly high, West Virginia relies on drug rehabs to improve life for its citizens. By enrolling in the right program, anyone suffering from addiction can get clean. The work will be hard, but the rewards of a sober life are endless.

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