The Pathfinder, Huntsville, Alabama

Huntsville, Alabama, USA
3104 Ivy Avenue, SW
Huntsville, AL, 35805

The Pathfinder Overview

The Pathfinder is a nonprofit transitional care facility that treats men in early recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. Potential clients must have successfully completed a residential drug or alcohol addiction program or be actively involved in an intensive outpatient treatment program in order to be admitted at this recovery center. Also, in order to be admitted to The Pathfinder potential clients or patients much have a primary diagnosis of a drug or alcohol dependence obtained from a qualified mental health professional within the past 12 months. Both residential and outpatient treatment programs are provided at this facility.

The Pathfinder Housing

Residential treatment is held in the Mill House which accommodates a maximum of 39 clients, but there’s usually not more than 28 men at a time. The old building was remodeled and renovated into a dormitory-style facility for the inpatient treatment services. Rooms, which accommodate 14 men, are comfortable and nicely decorated. That way, clients get the nice, welcoming vibe which is crucial for the recovery process. Like the rest of the building, bathrooms are also set up in dorm-style meaning multiple clients share it.
The residential building has a fully equipped kitchen and while one meal is served a day clients are required to prepare other meals by themselves. The living room has a large TV that men can watch, but there’s no cable.
It’s important to mention men are required to stay in this facility throughout the duration of their 90-day residential treatment program. Once they complete inpatient treatment men can move up to the sober living facility. The sober living house accommodates 14 men. Clients who stay in a sober living house can go out and buy their own food and groceries, or they can go to the Millhouse and eat. Both facilities are located on the same campus.
Smoking is allowed but in some areas only.

The Pathfinder Treatment Options

Before admission to The Pathfinder, a client must be sober for at least 72 hours. As seen above, the treatment center focuses on a residential program. Duration of the inpatient program is 90 days, and it consists of four phases. The very first phase is orientation which takes place over two weeks. During this phase, clients are obliged to find their sponsors. In addition, they attend 12-step meetings which are held offsite. Transportation to the meeting and back to the residential facility is arranged. Throughout this phase, patients are not allowed to drive their own car or use a mobile phone. While these regulations may seem strict, they’re all a part of the process that helps men heal and focus on what truly matters – their health. Besides 12-step meetings, patients participate in individual and group therapy sessions. While individual therapy sessions are arranged based on the client’s needs, group counseling is held twice a day. These meetings take place onsite. During group meetings, men discuss a variety of subjects including relapse prevention. They use their experiences to connect with others but also to learn from their mistakes.
Once the orientation phase is over clients, proceed to the next stage. They are required to find a job in order to pay for the housing fees, but also because of responsibility and a sense of purpose aid recovery. At this point, clients can go outside and leave the premises, but they must be back by 10 pm. To avoid any problems, random drug and alcohol screenings are carried out.
It’s useful to mention that The Pathfinder services are available to men with alcoholism, mental health problems, drug addiction, and dual diagnosis. The intensive outpatient program is also provided along with aftercare support. In other words, The Pathfinder supports you on the way to recovery and helps you maintain it for a healthier and happier life.

The Pathfinder Therapies Provided

Men who are treated at this recovery center have individual and group therapy sessions. Therapies that are provided at this facility include life skills and cognitive behavioral therapy. These therapy sessions focus on a relationship between a person’s thoughts, behaviors, and feelings. It is used to allow and establish healthy responses and coping mechanisms to everyday situations, traumatic events, etc. to make sure a client deals with all kinds of stimuli in a healthy way, not through drugs and alcohol.

The Pathfinder Payment Options

As a nonprofit organization, The Pathfinder relies on donations that support their services. They also receive funding from client fees and community agencies such as United Way and Combined Federal Campaign, Community Development, and more. Local businesses, churches, and even individuals donate to The Pathfinder to make sure patients there get the much-needed support. Self-pay options and financing are available at this treatment center. If you’re interested in insurance coverage, the best thing to do is to consult them for further info.

The Pathfinder Licenses

At this point information about licenses and accreditations obtained by The Pathfinder isn’t available. However, bearing in mind, the treatment center was founded in 1976 it’s easy to assume they have received some important certifications due to decades spent in this field.

The Pathfinder Amenities

The most useful thing about this treatment facility is that it teaches men how to function in the world. Men learn anger management, time management, money management, get career guidance, and also improve their communication.

The Pathfinder Staff

Unfortunately, due to the limited quantity of content available on the official website names, biographies, and roles of staff members aren’t available. It’s safe to expect this information when their site is fully redesigned. That being said, the treatment center employs therapists, counselors, program managers, and other professionals who do their best to help men reach and maintain sobriety.

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