Desert Palms, Cathedral City, California

Desert Palms
67580 Jones Road
Cathedral City, CA, 92234

The Desert Palms treatment facility has a storied history. It currently serves as the flagship rehab facility for Sunspire Health in California, located only a few miles outside of Palm Springs.

Desert Palms cannot be blamed for incorporating some of the old Hollywood elements into the facility, given its proximity to such a glamorous city. What was once a luxury hotel is now home to a treatment facility that serves a wide variety of different addiction and mental health disorders.

A Healing Oasis

The Desert Palms treatment center started out life as a hotel. It then transitioned to being used as a set for classic Hollywood movies. Now, Desert Palms makes use of that rich pedigree by offering a inpatient residential program to people suffering from a plethora of different conditions.

The location of the facility, in the arid landscape around Palm Springs, contrasts nicely with the feeling that Desert Palms gives its clients of being an oasis for their troubles. Desert Palms offers an inpatient residential program to a wide range of people: men and women; young people between the ages of 18-25; as well as an added focus on members of the LGBTQ community.

Desert Palms is a tightly contained facility. It offers clients a short-term detox option if the patient requires such treatment. There are 36 beds for inpatient residents who are monitored at all times, day and night.

Given the ample space of the facility, as well as the small number of patients living there at any one time, Desert Palms staff can give their full care and attention to all patients equally. Patient amenities are on par with what one would expect from a rehab center so close to Palm Springs.

There are resort-like amenities such as outdoor pools and jacuzzis. Leather couches and sectionals abound in most of the common areas.

The rooms modestly decorated with wood furniture and neutral carpeting sleep two to a room. The rest of the facility boasts plenty of ceiling to floor windows, as well as carefully manicured groves and hedges.

Personalized Care for All

The Desert Palms residential inpatient program offers its clients access to fitness facilities that are located off-campus. Patients, however, can also make use of the wide, open spaces surrounding Desert Palms.

They can take introspective sojourns, with or without a therapist, to help them reflect on the past, present and future. The Desert Palms facility also has computer and television rooms for those not interested in such thought-provoking therapies.

Inpatient stays, which can last for anywhere between 30 to 90-days, are marked by a whole array of treatment options that are the norm for all the Sunspire Health facilities. Apart from the inpatient program, Desert Palms also has available to its patients an outpatient and partial hospitalization program.

Treatment modalities are various at Desert Palms. Patients may receive individual or group counseling. Psycho-educational classes that give them more insight into the nature of their addiction or mental health disorder are also available.

There are also the holistic treatments that Sunspire Health offers at most of its facilities. These alternative therapies include yoga and meditation classes, animal-assisted therapy as well as adventure-based therapies.

Above and Beyond

Desert Palms, however, goes out of its way to treat afflictions that go beyond substance abuse or process addictions, like an addiction to gambling. Desert Springs offers treatments for post-traumatic stress disorder as well as in-depth treatment for dual diagnosis sufferers.

Patients who have suffered through repeated relapses can also find help at Desert Palms. Every patient receives a different treatment plan. Except those who have endured multiple stints in rehab receive more thorough therapies like motivational interviewing or cognitive behavioral therapy sessions.

Young people admitted to the inpatient program as well as anyone identifying as a member of the LGBTQ community also receives care specific to their particular needs. All the staff at Desert Palms have trained to address the sensitivities of all these specific groups to ensure the best treatment possible.

At the end of residential stays Desert Palms offers its patients the option to continue to the outpatient sober living facility, located just a short distance away from the inpatient residence. The outpatient program and the partial hospitalization are two iterations of Sunspire Health continuum of care that it offers to its clients.

The outpatient programs all offer the same treatments available to inpatient residents with the caveat of patients having the ability to slowly resume their lives again by going home after their therapy is done.

The Desert Palms treatment facility is a premier rehab not only for its location or its facility but for the wide range of treatments and underserved groups that it welcomes and treats. It offers a safe, judgement-free environment for people who need just such a place to overcome their struggles with addiction and behavioral health problems.

Prices depend on what program you enrolled into.

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Desert Palms
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